SendCloud, Europe's leading shipping platform for eCommerce businesses, streamlines logistics with automated shipping, tracking, and returns, enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency. Perfect for scalable growth.


    Why choose Sendcloud?

    Streamlined Shipping Process

    Sendcloud automates the shipping process, enabling merchants to print shipping labels in bulk, customize workflows, and select from various carriers efficiently. This automation significantly reduces time spent on shipping tasks, boosting productivity.

    Comprehensive Returns Management

    The platform offers a sophisticated returns management system, allowing for a seamless integration with sales channels. It provides a customizable return portal, supports multiple carriers, and enables data-driven decision-making to reduce return rates.

    Post purchase experience

    Sendcloud enhances the post-purchase customer experience through branded tracking and notifications. This feature allows for customization of communication, increasing customer engagement and loyalty, and offering cross-selling opportunities.

    Headless commerce for XXL Nutrition helps processing 60 transactions per second

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