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We use different types of cookies on our website at 
In this Cookie Statement, we explain what cookies are, which cookies are used on our websites, what they do, how you can refuse or accept cookies, and how you can contact us.
1. What are cookies?
Cookies are small (text) files that are placed on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or other electronic devices (hereinafter “computer”) when you visit a web page. Because a cookie is placed on your computer, your computer can be recognized and information can be collected. This information may include the IP address, data on surfing behavior such as the first, previous, and current visit, the specific web pages you have visited, how the website is navigated, the device you use, and your settings. Cookies have a certain period of validity from the moment they are placed on a computer. After the validity period has expired, the cookie will be deleted by your browser. For some cookies, the duration of the browser session is the validity period, but some cookies remain valid for longer so that they can also be read on a subsequent visit to our website.
Cookies are placed by us as well as by other parties. Insofar as we collect personal data from you using cookies, we process this in accordance with our Privacy Statement.
2. Cookies on our website
The following cookies are placed via our website:
- functional (necessary) cookies
- analytical cookies
- social media cookies 
- tracking cookies
3. What do cookies do?
3.1 Functional (necessary) cookies
We use functional cookies. These are necessary for the proper layout and navigation of the website and to remember your choice to accept or decline cookies. Because functional cookies are necessary for the use of the website, they may be placed without permission.
3.2 Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies record how visitors use our website. With this information, the use of our website can be analyzed and anonymous user statistics and reports can be generated. We use this knowledge to improve our marketing activities, as well as the quality, effectiveness, and user-friendliness of our website. 
We use the following services:

  • Google Analytics (
    We use Google Analytics from Google Inc. to track your behavior on our website. We have set the Google Analytics cookies 'privacy-friendly. For example, your IP address is partially masked and the option to share data is disabled. In this way, these cookies have a limited impact on your privacy and can therefore be placed without permission.

    For more information about these cookies and their validity period, click here: 
    Google also offers the option to opt-out of data collection in the context of Google Analytics, using the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. Click-use that option: And click here for more general information about how Google uses cookies and Google's privacy policy:  We are not responsible for Google's privacy and/or cookie policy.
  • HotJar (
    We use HotJar as a web analysis service. With this tool, movements on our website can be traced (so-called heat maps). For example, it can be recognized how far users scroll and how often users click which buttons. With the help of this tool, it is also possible to collect feedback directly from users of the website. In this way, we collect valuable information to make our websites even faster and more customer-friendly. When using this tool, we pay particular attention to the protection of your personal data. For example, we can only check which buttons you click and how far you scroll. Parts of the websites, in which personal data of you are shown, are automatically hidden by Hotjar and are therefore never traceable. Hotjar offers every user the option to terminate the use of the Hotjar tool with the help of a “Do Not Track-Headers” so that no data about the visit of our website is recorded. This is a setting that supports all common browsers in the current versions. To this end, your browser sends a request to Hotjar, with the instruction to disable tracking of the respective user. If you use our website with different browsers or computers, you must set the “Do Not Track-Header” for each of these browsers/computers separately. Detailed instructions with information for your browser can be found at Hotjar's privacy statement can be found at
  • SalesFeed (
    We use SalesFeed Software to collect information about the origin and behavior of the visitors to our website. The SalesFeed Software processes the IP addresses of visitors for this purpose. The IP addresses of some of the Dutch organizations that visit our website are linked to a database containing company data. Information about organizations that are registered as a result of their visit to this website is not shared with third parties. For more information about the SalesFeed Software, visit The privacy statement of SalesFeed is found here: default one cookie is placed by the SalesFeed Software. This cookie is a session cookie or a first-party cookie. A session cookie is used to aggregate events. This cookie expires after half an hour of inactivity. By default, no third-party cookies are placed with visitors by SalesFeed software.
  • Hubspot ( 
    We use Hubspot to collect data about your behavior on our website and to process your data you supply to us. HubSpot uses cookies or similar technologies (such as web beacons and JavaScript) to analyze trends, administer the website, track users' movements around the website, and gather demographic information about our user base as a whole. The privacy policy of Hubspot can be found here:

3.3 Social media cookies 
If, after clicking a social media button, you are redirected to a website of a social media provider, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, these social media providers may place cookies from their website. Furthermore, the social media button of YouTube allows you to view videos placed on our website. YouTube will place cookies for this, but only if you have permitted for this by agreeing to the placement of social media cookies. We have no control over the social media cookies, the data that are recorded with these cookies, and the purposes for which the social media providers use the cookies. We recommend that you consult the relevant privacy and cookie statements of the social media providers for this information. 
Because of the foregoing, we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for social media cookies or for how the relevant social media providers handle the information collected.
3.4 Tracking cookies
With your permission, we place tracking cookies on your computer. With these cookies, we can track your surfing behavior on our website and deduce where your interests lie. With this information, the web content can be tailored to you and an assessment can be made of which services may be of interest to you. 
To the extent required by law, we have obtained your consent to the processing of your data in accordance with Article 6 (1) under an of the GDPR. You can withdraw your consent at any time and with immediate effect. To exercise your right of withdrawal, follow the procedure described below.
The services we use are: 

  •  LinkedIn Insight (
    The LinkedIn Insight Tag is a JavaScript-tag that enables the collection of data regarding LinkedIn members' visits to our website, including the URL, referrer, IP address, device and browser characteristics, and timestamp.  

    LinkedIn does not share any personal data with us, it only provides reports and alerts (which do not identify you) about our website audience and ad performance. LinkedIn also provides retargeting for website visitors, enabling us to show personalized ads off our website by using this data, but without identifying the member. We also use data that does not identify you to improve ad relevance and reach members across devices. LinkedIn members can control the use of their data for advertising purposes through their account settings. For more information about LinkedIn please see:
  • Facebook pixel (
    We use the 'Facebook pixel' of Facebook Ireland Limited to track user behavior after seeing or clicking an advertising ad from Facebook. If explicit permission has been given, this can be used to track user behavior after seeing or clicking an advertising ad from Facebook. This process serves to evaluate the effectiveness of our Facebook advertising ads for statistical and market research purposes and can help optimize future promotional activities. The data obtained is anonymous to us and therefore does not provide us with further information about the identity of the user. However, the data is stored by Facebook and processed in such a way that it is possible to link to a specific user profile. Facebook can therefore use the data for its advertising purposes, by Facebook's privacy policy (  ou can make it possible for Facebook and its partners to place advertising ads on and off Facebook. Also, a cookie may be stored on your computer for these purposes. These processing activities only take place if express consent has been given in accordance with Article 6 (1) (a) GDPR.

    If you want to deactivate the use of cookies on your computer, you can set your internet browser so that no more cookies can be stored on your computer in the future and that cookies already placed are deleted. However, disabling all cookies may mean that some functions on our internet pages can no longer be performed. You can also disable the use of cookies by third parties, such as Facebook, on the following Digital Advertising Alliance website:

4. Accept, refuse and delete cookies
Cookies that require your consent will only be placed on your computer if you have allowed this by clicking on the accept button in the cookie banner that is displayed to you on your first visit to our website.  You can use the cookies settings tool if you do not wish to receive certain types of cookies on our website, change the cookie settings, or withdraw your consent at a later date. To record the choice you have made, we must then place a cookie. You must set your choice per browser and computer, as it is not possible for us to transfer your settings to other browsers and computers that you use. You can also manage your cookies through your browser settings. You can set your browser so that no cookies are stored, you can allow or refuse any cookie, or that all cookies are deleted when you close your browser. 
Cookies are placed on every computer you use to visit websites. If you no longer wish to receive cookies at all, you must adjust the settings on all computers you use. Please note, if you refuse and/or delete cookies, this can also affect the functional cookies. This may limit the possibilities to use our website or parts thereof.
5. Contact
The website is managed by Youwe Concept B.V. 
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For questions about our cookie policy, you can send an e-mail to You can also contact our privacy officer if required:



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