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Youwe is the Magento specialist

Magento is market leader in the field of e-commerce software.

Magento e-commerce is an open-source multishop platform. Worldwide, 1 in 4 online shops has been developed on the platform. The robust application framework, excellent integration options and the rich set of marketing tools make Magento the tool for e-commerce managers. Youwe, Magento Enterprise partner, is a Magento specialist, for both B2B and B2C. 


    • Responsive

    • Powerful and simple

    • The speed of implementation

    • Multiple extensions available

    • Powerful features 

    • Web marketing is possible

    • Strong community

    Magento Solution Partner

    Youwe is a Magento Enterprise Solutions Partner, which is why we develop complex intelligent e-commerce solutions for many different types of customers in both the B2B and B2C markets. All our developers are also Magento 2 certified and are able to solve any complex Magento problem.

    Migrate to Magento 2

    Support for Magento 1 Community and Magento 1 Enterprise will stop in 2020. The time is now to migrate to Magento 2! With years of experience and with our Magento 2 certified consultants and developers, we like to look at the challenges and possibilities of a Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration. Are you on a platform other than Magento, but are you interested in Magento 2? We also have experience with that. Our specialists will find a suitable solution together with you.

    Magento for both B2B and B2C

    Youwe has been the Magento specialist in the B2B sector for years, but since 2020 we have also been the Magento specialist for the B2C market with the help of MediaCT. The markets are shifting and B2B companies are increasingly located in the B2C playing field, hence the addition of MediaCT. MediaCT has over 10 years of experience with various e-commerce platforms. An e-commerce platform must support your ambitions, now and in the future. What suits your organization best? The Youwe experts are happy to look at the possibilities with you.

    Features of Magento

    • Magento Page Builder - Manage and create (new) pages and other content before they are published. With the Magento Page Builder, it is easy to prepare new content for promotions or other activities.

    • Business to Business Module - With the built-in Business to Business (B2B) module it is also possible to serve companies from an existing Magento shop. With its own storeview, discounts, and price rules, it is easier than ever to serve B2B customers.

    • Segmentation and Personalization - Make use of Magento's knowledge and data to better serve visitors with relevant and/or related products or content.

    Successful Magento cases

    As a Magento specialist, we have been able to realize many beautiful projects. These are some examples of this.

    Our work
    The benefits of Magento
    B2B Customer Journey Management
    Fast Launch
    Mobile app

    Want to know more about Magento 2?

    Do you want to know more about the new Magento 2 platform? In the whitepaper Grow along with Magento 2 you can read everything about the platform. Download the white paper by clicking the button below.


    Youwe has been developing online shops since 2000 and has been active on the platform since early 2010. We have a large team of Magento certified developers who have developed various Magento sites. With these advanced teams, we have been realizing complex e-commerce solutions since the beginning. Youwe is a Magento Enterprise Solutions Partner and also a focus partner of Magento because of our excellent knowledge of B2B e-commerce.

    Increase your online revenue 

    Magento helps you grow your online revenue, provides tools to attract more traffic, increases conversion, creates and maintains customer loyalty. It is a scalable platform that can grow with you step by step.

    Online shop for mobile and tablets 

    Templates that adapt to the space on your screen. Functionalities that are fully geared to the customer journey that your customers travel on mobile or tablet. Youwe optimizes webshops for every device. We measure conversion and behavior. That is why we can optimize the experience for your customer on every channel.


    Magento has the largest ecosystem of suppliers, developers, and users in the e-commerce market. This is important! The huge community helps each other to improve. It ensures that developers can always be found who understand your platform. This guarantees the continuity of your business. Furthermore, software suppliers focus on this webshop software. This e-commerce platform offers support for almost all payment and logistics providers. Has valuable add-ons such as predictive analysis etc. In short, with the ecosystem, you are assured of a healthy horizon for many years.


    Magento gives you control over the content and features of your website, so you can better market your brand and constantly improve the online experience of your customers. You decide how your online shop works. Whether you have a small occupation or a full e-commerce department. You can give every user the tools he or she needs.

    Magento 2.0

    The new Magento platform presented challenges. These were presented in the form of training courses, which our developers started working on. For example, stricter file protection and a completely new way of creating modules took some getting used to. Our developers have successfully completed the training courses, which is how Magento Enterprise Solution Partner Youwe is well prepared for this challenge. You are also at the right place at Youwe for the new Magento.

    Looking for an experienced Magento partner?

    Are you looking to start working with Magento and searching for a partner that supports you in successfully rolling out your new Magento or Adobe Commerce platform? Or do you already have Magento in operation and are you looking for a reliable organization to take over management and resolve any issues?

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