Food & Agriculture Industry

In the Food & Agricultural sector, tracking supply chain, regulatory compliance and customer food safety are vital. Youwe delivers targeted solutions for these challenges. Discover how Youwe can improve your business...

The Food & Agri industry is undergoing a seismic shift, driven by the twin forces of consumer demand for transparency and a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.

Companies must now focus on end-to-end supply chain visibility, compliance with sustainability mandates and delivering a seamless multi-channel customer experience to stay competitive.

Youwe proudly stands at the intersection of this transformation, equipped to navigate its complexities. With data-driven strategies, we provide solutions that ensure supply chain integrity, facilitate regulatory compliance and elevate customer engagement. We deploy robust PIM/MDM systems for enhanced data governance and leverage marketing automation for personalized consumer journeys. Our approach is holistic, creating digital assets that are not only solution-oriented but also future-proof. Partner with Youwe to realize the full potential of your digital transformation journey in the Food & Agri sector.

Combine GS1 standards for seamless traceability and supply chain integration. With Youwe, make standards your strategy.

  1. 01

    Self-Service Portal for Customers

  2. 02

    E-commerce and D2C Platforms

    Direct-to-consumer sales channels enable you to control customer experience and branding, while also increasing profit margins.

  3. 03

    EDI with GS1 Compliance

    Adopt Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions that are GS1 compliant, automating the exchange of standard business documents like invoices and purchase orders.

  4. 04

    GS1 Supply Chain Integration

    Standardize your data processes according to GS1 data standards for product data and (purchase) order data, ensuring seamless collaboration across the supply chain.

  5. 05

    Master Data Management

    Integrate GS1 standards into your Master Data Management system for uniform product identification, simplifying data governance and boosting operational efficiency.

  6. 06

    Sustainability Dashboards

    Track and share your carbon footprint, water usage, and waste metrics, aligned with environmental standards. Facilitate data-driven decision-making for sustainability initiatives.

  7. 07

    Compliance Management Platform

    A centralized hub to manage all regulatory documents and data, automating compliance tasks and reducing risk of fines or recalls.

  8. 08

    AI-Driven Demand Forecasting

    Implement machine learning algorithms to predict consumer demand, allowing for better inventory management and reduced waste.

An approach built on better outcomes

From go-to-market strategy to the shopping experience, to e-commerce technology and marketing performance, with our RESI framework we are perfectly placed to deliver maximum digital impact where it matters the most.


We understand your goals, guide your digital strategy, recommend tools and drive transformation for success.


Bring your brand to life through exceptional digital experiences that convert and foster increased customer loyalty.


Align your goals with our engineering expertise. We assist in tech and platform selection and ensure seamless implementation for growth.


We discover your ideal audience, drive conversions and stimulate profitability with our marketing expertise and strategies.


Enhance your digital business by conducting thorough data analysis, leading to valuable and actionable insights for optimization.

Trusted by industry leaders

Everything we do is focused on delivering exceptional results for our clients. We strongly believe in being an integrated member of every client's team, playing a vital role in their continuous evolution and digital improvement.

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