Akeneo takes your product information to the next level. This Product Information Management (PIM) tool combines the data in your ERP, flat files, and any other data sources into a single source of truth.

Akeneo is the one size fits all solution to all your product information challenges. Combining the powerful Akeneo Onboarder, the Akeneo PIM, and the machine-learning Franklin API, to optimize your data flows.

Akeneo streamlines organizations by creating a fast and efficient data flow system throughout the whole business. Taking data from sources such as the ERP or suppliers’ databases via the Akeneo Onboarder, the system then enriches the data, allowing your customers to experience a consistent omnichannel product experience. Enriched data also allows for the classification of products into one or multiple catalogs, translation of product information, management of multiple sales channels, and the distribution of this information via all (connected) channels. 

Akeneo is a global leader in Product Experience Management (PXM) with 60.000+ installed PIMs, over 100 solution partners, and offices in the United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and Israel.

Want to advance your Product Information Management and incorporate Akeneo into your organization? Contact our Youwe Experts! With our team of over 220 specialists spread over 10 international offices, we can help you deliver a better product experience and advance your data flow systems.

Advantages of Akeneo

  • Complete control over your product information
  • A single source of truth for authentic, referable and relevant data
  • PIM, PXM, Onboarder and API solutions
  • Optimization of your product experience for a higher conversion rate

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Ready to take Product Information Management to the next level with Akeneo?

With Akeneo, the possibilities for Product Information Management are endless. As an experienced partner of Akeneo, Youwe can help you navigate and manage the opportunities of Product Information Management.

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