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A Drupal platform with a new optimized design that is user-friendly and a better online presence thanks to digital marketing.

In 2018 Youwe was one of the digital agencies to pitch a project for Royal Auping. The Royal Auping is a Dutch manufacturer and market leader retailer of beds, mattresses, and sleep-related products. The company chose Youwe to build them a new Drupal platform, create a new design and also help them to improve their online marketing.

Johannes Albertus Auping started what now is the Royal Auping in 1888 and he would never have imagined that the first mesh-based bed bases, which he supplied to hospitals in the Netherlands would grow in a business that is one of the leading companies in the field of beds and matrasses. Today the company is still a family-owned company and for the past 125 years, Auping has been the specialist of choice for people who appreciate a good night's sleep and guaranteed comfort in over 27 countries.

Due to the rise of the internet Auping needed to focus on its online presence. Youwe helped them with building a new website on a Drupal platform. Also, the designs of the Dutch, Danish, Belgian, British, and German websites got an update and Youwe's Digital Marketing team started to optimize the Dutch website, with the help of SEO-proof texts and digital campaigns.


Organic traffic


Increased Google position


Traffic results on mattress pages sessions

Sustainability, design, and innovation are the main drivers of the Royal Auping. The company is all about customization, handwork, and craftsmanship for a well-rested, better life for everyone. 

Our solution


After the pitch, the Youwe Drupal team took over the current Drupal CMS of Auping. Auping already had a Drupal 7, Drupal 8- and Single-Page Application so Youwe started with a migration project. After this, the current platforms were further developed in an agile matter. Of course, the platform was maintained with security updates, and bugs were fixed, the content types were restructured, but most importantly Auping gave Youwe the instruction to not just create an e-commerce platform, but to offer the visitors of the Royal Auping website a real experience.


To do this the Drupal team created a lot of APIs. This is because Drupal 8 has an API-first way of working. Auping started with a Drupal 7 platform, but when they wanted different applications on their website, they realized they also needed to work with Drupal 8. Drupal 8 was the perfect choice because the APIs can always be used in the future or be integrated on a different platform. 

Drupal 8 integrated API’s

  • Appointment planner: the existing appointment planner was made with SuperSaaS. Our team made their own version of a disconnected SuperSaas planner with its own frontend React application. 
  • Google reviews: Auping wanted to show Google reviews and ratings on the Plaza page. Youwe made a connection between Drupal 8 and Google My Business. Because of the fact that the API is implemented and guaranteed with Drupal, the data will always be shown up-to-date.


The design team redesigned the current design of the Auping website. This was done for all the Auping international websites. So the new designs went live on the Dutch, Danish, British, Belgium en German websites. The assessment of Auping was to optimize the current designs and to improve UX design and communication. The design team optimized the pages for the store locator and plaza, but also improved the navigation, search option and made liquid content banners and communication items such as e-mails. Also, they made the entire website responsive for laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing circle was asked to help with the online presence of Royal Auping. Auping wanted more traffic and optimize their SEO. To increase this, the online marketing circle made a keyword analysis, technical analysis, and content analysis. This gave Auping a lot of insight. With the help of Youwe new online pages were created and SEO-minded content was published. This led to an increased Google position by more than 300%. On top of that, Youwe started optimizing the website to converting visitors into leads for the Auping stores offline or into buying customers online. We also started implementing a data measure plan to make sure we analyze the right data and serve visitors with a better online experience that makes it easy to take the steps we want them to take.

The results

The Drupal CMS gave Auping the platform they wanted and the designs helped to improve the user experience of the website, but the most results were achieved thanks to digital marketing improvements. 
The results were: 

  • The average position of the keywords focused on the keyword “mattress” is increased from an overall position of 29 to 10 in the Google search results;
  • Organic traffic is up +105%;
  • An increased Google position by more than 300%;
  • The most important keywords have a top 5 ranking;
  • Auping has the strongest domain authority of all its competitors.

Because of the great partnering between Youwe and Auping the collaboration doesn’t stop here.
After the first phase, the Youwe online marketing circle will continue to improve the online presence of Auping and all its different products.


Youwe goes further than only building an online platform. Thanks to their online marketing work our new platform has a good online presence, right away.

Tom ter Horst, Online Marketeer at Royal Auping

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