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Youwe created the new digital platform and hosting environment to unite all accommodation-facing websites of into one.

As part of's mission to Grow Together with its accommodation partners, they made the decision to merge all websites dedicated to this global audience into a single platform. ​​​​​​had several accommodation-partner-facing websites, each dedicated to different audience needs such as: forums, support, editorial content, and more.

Together with Youwe, successfully migrated and unified these into a single platform called Partner Hub, meant to empower their partners to run and optimize their businesses.

Youwe was ideally placed to offer the expert assistance needed to migrate and unify the systems, preparing for continued digital success.



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Languages sets out to provide a superior experience to accommodation partners and create a platform where they can find everything they need with ease.

Our solution

Selecting a single Portal 

A single, all-in-one futureproof accommodation partner portal was the answer. We started by identifying the full range of’s needs, and comparing the combination of requirements with the portal solutions in the market. Drupal was identified as the ideal solution, and we began our work.

Being able to serve up multiple languages is an important feature This was a prominent element of our work. With many language requirements, the site even had to allow for right-to-left texts, found in languages such as Arabic.

With a huge migration project, tens of thousands of community members to import, and a major systems integration, our two companies got to know each other very well. The partnership grew, trust was solidified and we were handed more side projects as time progressed.

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A new design direction 

Among the project requirements, Youwe was tasked with rebuilding the visual identity of Partner Hub in line with user interface guidelines.

From creating initial design concepts for, we have now deployed a suite of redesigned pages, including new flagship landing pages for campaigns.

Improved personalization

With fast, flexible efficiency, we have designed the framework of the Partner Hub to serve up reusable design components. These can be reused through a component-based mechanism, allowing all assets to be continually modified and repurposed. This significantly reduces lead times for design teams.

In addition, personalization capabilities have been built into the system, where content can be created and served up to cater for specific countries, age groups or other demographic classifications.

Maintaining systems for the Travelers’ Review Award’s Traveller Review Awards is one of the biggest moments in the year for their accommodation partners. The annual appreciation program recognizes partners for their exceptional hospitality, and provides them with proof of operating a superior holiday accommodation. As a result, it is vital that all aspects of the program are flawless.

There’s a lot of technical work involved in being able to identify the award winners, with Youwe helping out with coding, technical automations and hosting. In particular, Youwe developed an automated process where 1.2 million award kits were generated for all eligible award winners.

From batch email requirements, to online forms and multiple time zone considerations, there’s a lot to take care of. It’s a major project, for both and Youwe, and one we’re fully committed to, making sure hosting is scaled up and there are no bottlenecks.

We always jointly aim to guarantee a smooth and successful award campaign delivery.

The results

A future built on collaboration 

Our partnership with continues to grow and improve. knows its business requirements, and has a strong strategic intent and professionalism that makes the partnership really perform.




Moving forward, we will continue to solidify the relationship, building a storehouse of personalized content for users, ensuring tailored, relevant journeys can be built for all’s partners.

“We chose to work with Youwe because they were open to work together as one team, bringing us along in every step of the process (even in the complex technical decisions), and truly trying to understand what we wanted to achieve and why. A few years in, and we are still working closely together to continuously improve the Partner Hub and expand the ways in which it can support accommodation partners in finding everything they need with ease.”

Joanna van Beuzekom, Manager - Digital Platform Experience


Design, Development, Hosting


Youwe created the new digital platform and hosting environment to unite all accommodation-facing websites of into one.

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