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A unique PIM-system for one of the oldest wine distributors


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A unique Product Information Management system with a central MRM that can exchange data to various external sources. And a smartly designed Enterprise Content platform realized with Pimcore.

Walraven Sax approached Youwe to think about the realization of a new platform that could serve as a springboard for multiple purposes. The solution Youwe realized was a unique Product Information Management system that fulfilled all the requirements of Walraven Sax. 

Walraven Sax started its activities as early as 1823, making it one of the oldest wine and distilled distributors in the Dutch market. As part of the International Schlumberger group, Walraven Sax now has both its own brands and an extensive portfolio of renowned A-brands. In addition to production facilities and an export organization, the parent organization has distribution organizations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and America. The quality of service is paramount for Walraven Sax. Providing service goes beyond just supplying products. Offering added value through extensive support, co-creation and innovation are the ingredients of the success of Walraven Sax within the chain of customers, suppliers, and colleagues.

Walraven Sax approached Youwe to think about the realization of a new platform that could serve as a springboard for multiple purposes. Those purposes were the realization of a new website within the contemporary positioning of Walraven Sax,  a central MRM (Marketing Resources Management) database for securing extensive product and brand information from various sources (including ERP) and the exchange of this data to various external sources parties, such as an EDM application (Copernica), the CRM system and the online wine cards tool. To realize this Youwe designed a unique Product Information Management system.

The mission of Walraven Sax is: Together we go for success. We innovate and focus on you. We are open, honest and to the point. Yesterday, today and in the future.

Our solution

Product Information Management

It was a beautiful challenge that led to the following solution: bringing the various sources of information within the existing Walraven Sax IT infrastructure together in one smartly designed Product Information Management platform. And from a 'single-point-of-truth' approach to enable the various product, sales, and marketing teams within Walraven Sax to manage and enrich all (master) data and assets not only centrally, but also to also be able to access data and assets in different ways to the different channels and target groups.

In short, not the solution of tomorrow, but of the day after tomorrow in order to offer added value to the total chain of customers, suppliers, and colleagues.

Enterprise Content platform

The choice of Product Information Management system was Pimcore. Pimcore was implemented so that one application could provide both a CMS, PIM, MDM and a DAM solution. This results in a new B2B website that is not only automatically fed by-product data, but in which the product perception is also enriched with relevant content through marketing. More specifically, a smartly designed Enterprise Content platform with the following characteristics:

  • One central source of information in which various information flows come together.
  • Central management and enrichment of (master) data by the Marketing team.
  • A multi-language CMS as an online window for Walraven Sax.
  • A rich online catalog that does justice to the product experience and encourages customers to make use of the service.
  • Web-to-print functionality for online generation of PDF price lists and fact sheets for B2B target groups.
  • The import of ERP data.
  • Link with third-party e-mail marketing application.
  • Product image bank (DAM).
  • Export of data to generate white-label wine menu cards for the catering industry.

    The results

    For a measurable result, it is still too early, but we are already experiencing:

    An optimized information process, leading to consistent product information. And also that customers are encouraged to leave data on the website so that they can make use of the personalized services and information.

    Pauline Joosen (CRM Specialist at Walraven Sax) also sees a huge difference: "We already see a significant difference in the speed with which we can serve our suppliers and customers. To give an example: previously, wine cards for customers were manually put together within an outdated, time-consuming solution. Because our product data via Pimcore now flows daily to a third-party cloud solution, the turnaround time of a wine list is drastically reduced from approximately 1 hour to an average of 10 minutes per wine list.


    The implementation of Pimcore and the multifunctionality that this platform offers, enables Walraven Sax to take the next step towards optimizing its organization. Together with the expert team from Youwe we have managed to bring the implementation to a success within a short period of time, which both parties can be proud of. 

    Pauline Joosen, CRM Specialist Walraven Sax

    Interested in a system to manage and distribute all your available data?

    Pimcore offers a single tool to manage product information (PIM), data assets (DAM) and content (CMS), allowing for one point of administration without manual data-entry and multiple data storage locations. Youwe's experts are ready to take on the challenge!