Youwe is expanding with AI through interest in E-tail Genius

Today we are proud to announce our participation in E-tail Genius. E-tail Genius is going to start offering customized Artificial Intelligence projects through Youwe.

As a result, the services provided by Youwe will be expanded with knowledge and services in the field of AI and Machine Learning. The E-tail Genius AI platform will ensure that from now on, Youwe can offer its customers concrete, affordable, applicable and successfully proven Artificial Intelligence solutions.

E-tail Genius was founded in 2016 in Delft and is active in the Netherlands and Northwest Europe. E-tail Genius was created to bring academic science and practice closer together. The developed AI modules are based on scientific research and have been further developed by different companies into proven practical solutions such as predicting optimal prices (Algorithmic Pricing), reducing product returns (Return Reducer) and four other proven solutions. E-tail Genius works with a talented team of data scientists, academic scientists and IT specialists from its office in the Science Tower in Rotterdam. Some customers of E-tail Genius include: La Place, Heineken, KPN, MegaGroup, Rituals and Technische Unie.

Currently, where AI is only reserved for tech giants or innovative start-ups, both companies want to make AI accessible to every company. Companies can benefit from proven modules and an innovative AI platform where they can integrate the smart algorithms into their day-to-day decision-making. The AI knowledge of E-tail Genius and the proven scalability of software knowledge, and Youwe’s data management knowledge are combined in this partnership.

E-tail Genius wants to be a global player in the fast-growing AI market. We do this not only by offering scalable AI solutions, but also by cooperating with experienced partners in the market. We are pleased that together with Youwe we can make the solutions available for an even larger group. Through the collaboration with Youwe we can help customers with challenges concerning data management and integrations with existing software packages more quickly and we are also ISO 27001 and ISO 19944 certified,” according to the founders Arian Oosthoek and Professor Felix Janszen.

With the participation in E-tail Genius, we are taking the next step in our ambition to realize measurable growth among our customers through intelligent solutions. Being up-to-date is no longer enough these days: In order to be ahead of the competition, companies must actually already be one foot ahead in the future. That is precisely where we can help you even more efficiently: We make AI accessible through the E-tail Genius product portfolio. We implement the customised models and make them tangible. The underlying technology is therefore not a black box, so the organisation knows which buttons must be pushed to achieve the set goals,” says Rob Wiek, CEO of Youwe.

The AI-modules

E-tail Genius and Youwe offer several successful AI modules that ensure that organisations can perform as effectively as possible. For example, the Demand Forecaster provides insight into future market demand, the Dynamic Profiling enables marketers to segment customers on an individual level, thanks to the Algorithmic Pricing, you know the optimal price per individual order, with the Customer Loyalty Optimizer you gain insight into what drivers are important for customer loyalty and with the Return Reducer you gain insight into what factors lead to returns and how to reduce these.

Step by step, the Youwe and E-tail Genius AI modules will ensure progress for every organisation and deliver higher customer satisfaction and a higher profit margin, all because you can anticipate the customer’s needs with AI.

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Header photo: Iris van den Broek
Photo’s Lunch&Learn  AI: Joris Knapen

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