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These Youwe clients succeeded with the help of Pimcore

Youwe is a proud Pimcore partner and has been named Pimcore partner of the year 202o. As a full service digital agency, we help organizations change in the digital world. With the help of data and smart algorithms, we help our customers to be up-to-date on the latest developments in the digital world that is constantly changing. Youwe combines technology, data, and creativity to change and improve the way brands communicate with their customers. That is exactly what we did during the projects of Carpetright, Quooker, and Keesing. See the successful Pimcore cases here. 

Carpetright case

With over 470 shops in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Belgium and almost half a century of experience, Carpetright is the specialist in interior refurbishment. The new shop concept, launched in 2016, is a good example of the continuous improvement they strive for, both in the collection and in service. And to fully embrace their new concept, Carpetright also started its digital transformation and entered the e-commerce world with a new Magento platform. To make their Magento platform a success and their digital transformation complete we also introduced them to Pimcore. See the full case here.

Cross-border growth for Europe’s biggest braintainment company with a PLM

As Europe’s market leader of puzzles and braintainment games, Keesing Media Group (KMG) produces over 100 million puzzle magazines each year. Their head office is based in Amsterdam, but they have always set their sights near and far. That’s how they have won the hearts and minds of millions of print and digital puzzle players across Europe. With their ambitions not to only conquer the European market but also the e-commerce world, Keesing was looking for a partner who could help them with their digital transformation to support their growth and manage their product enrichment this is where Youwe came in.  

Keesing is active in a lot of different markets and has a lot of different products to offer. The challenge the company had was that they wanted their products in an ever-changing market managed together with their product lifecycles and workflows. They also wanted to manage their offers and campaigns for their online shop in a central data hub and both the Product Information Management and e-commerce capabilities needed to be integrated with the current Keesing architecture. Most importantly, they wanted a digital transformation to support their growth. The initially anticipated PIM grew to a true Product Lifecycle Management solution supporting the complete flow for all of their publications and feeding their e-commerce platforms. Want to know how we developed the PLM? See more about the case here

Quooker case

The Quooker case is a great example of how a fully integrated IT-landscape, improved data quality, a user-friendly, attractive design, and features including a store-locator blend together into one seamless, harmonious retail experience for the B2C stakeholders of the manufacturer. Which made a global rollout happen in a matter of months. Quooker uses Pimcore as both PIM (Product Information Management) and DAM (Digital Assets Management). This shows the true power of Pimcore. Read the full case here.

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