Youwe expands its B2C positioning with the addition of MediaCT

Rotterdam, 3rd of March 2020. Youwe, the full-service digital agency with offices in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Groningen, Stockholm, Kiev, Leeds, London and Helsinki, today announced that it had joined forces with e-commerce specialist MediaCT. With their combined strengths, both parties want to offer solutions in the dynamic and fast-moving e-commerce market, in which they guide companies through their digital transformation. In this way, they intend to become leading players in the digital world. The coming together creates a powerful portfolio of services and solutions, including digital strategy, design, e-commerce platforms, data management and online marketing, that will offer customers a complete package to support them in their digital growth. Together, Youwe and MediaCT want to focus on a future in which they use their solid expertise and smart innovations to provide the basis for their customers’ success.

MediaCT, with its staff of 45, based in Groningen, will gradually be integrated during the coming year, ultimately offering its services under the Youwe banner, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The existing directors of MediaCT will remain with Youwe as co-owners and have committed themselves for the long term. With this addition, the Youwe team has grown to 210 international experts, which means that the company now holds a strong position in Europe.

Blurring the line between B2B and B2C

MediaCT is a strong player in the B2C market, with a focus on internationalization and omni-channel strategies. As a Magento partner, MediaCT has a convincing portfolio of successful e-commerce platforms and integrations, such as with Amac, Rivièra Maison, Brandfield and Kamera Express. Youwe has provided award-winning solutions for wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors, such as Vink and Unipart, among others. However, in the digital market, the dividing line between B2B and B2C is increasingly disappearing. Major players such as Adobe and Marketo are increasingly offering hybrid solutions and, together, Youwe and MediaCT can optimize their response to this dynamic market development.

Customers as digital leaders

In September 2019, Youwe already announced the acquisition of the British martech company SuccessFlow, which, at an international level, will expand the reach of its expertise in the field of digital marketing and digital strategies under the Youwe banner. “The market is consolidating, the dividing lines between B2B and B2C are blurring, retailers are becoming wholesalers, manufacturers are setting up a Direct-2-Consumer channel and marketing funnels are becoming more complex. Traditional businesses are going through a major shift towards digitization. In this process, speed and intelligence as essential ingredients. Within Youwe, we will continue to innovate so that we can anticipate our customers' needs. With the addition of MediaCT, we are bringing their strong B2C expertise in-house", said Rob Wiek, CEO of Youwe. “With this merger, we are convinced that we can deliver a better user experience and service to our customers. We can invest together in attracting and training developers. This will create more scope for innovation and enable a further broadening of our product range. It gives us the opportunity to offer our team an ambitious environment for their personal and professional development. All the directors and shareholders of MediaCT will, therefore, remain co-owners and directors in Youwe, so that we can continue to grow together", said Tjitte Folkertsma, Co-owner/CCO of MediaCT

About Youwe

With eight locations in Europe, 210 employees and a full-service portfolio, Youwe is one of the leading digital agencies in Europe. As a full-service digital agency, Youwe is a one-stop-shop for companies that want to become and remain digital leaders. Youwe provides complex e-commerce and PIM-MDM solutions, including strategy concept design, implementation, and conversion. Youwe's portfolio covers the entire digital domain, including strategy, design, e-commerce, online marketing, data management, and system integration. Together with strong partners such as Adobe, Magento, Marketo, Magement, PimCore, Akeneo, Drupal and DotDigital, we help companies to continue to grow in an environment that is constantly becoming more digital. We do this by optimizing, predicting customer needs, designing processes based on data, disseminating relevant information and moving at the same speed as the rapid developments taking place in the e-commerce world.


About MediaCT

MediaCT has proven over the past 15 years to be one of the most experienced e-commerce specialists in Benelux countries. With a team of 45 specialist experts, they have concentrated on the creation of B2C web stores for organizations with international and omni-channel operations. They help these organizations with the development and optimization of their e-commerce platforms and data integrations, by deploying proven solutions such as Magento Commerce, Akeneo and Magement. They work intensively on a daily basis with customers such as Amac, Brandfield, GrandVision, Kamera Express, Flinders, Rivièra Maison, Obelink, AGU, Most Wanted and many other retailers, manufacturers and brands who want to exercise better control over their online environment.


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