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A business plan on one single page, that's what OGSM stands for: Define your objectives, goals, strategies, and measures and visualize how your organization can reach all set goals.

We believe in simplicity. Seneca once said: "If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable.".

Goals are crucial in order to determine the right strategy. Making choices and defining clear KPI's in order to measure progress and success facilitate the way towards key organizational goals. Digital transformation can be complex and entail numerous systems, departments, branches and even companies. In order to streamline projects effectively, Youwe holds OGSM sessions with its clients in order to set realistic goals and make projects overseeable.

OGSM is an effective methodology to compress your companies strategy in a single slide document and align your company objectives to clear strategies and underlying actions. A powerful tool to empower your teams working on aligned goals to create online success. As an agency, we support you with the shaping of the online strategy. A combination of workshops to get qualitative feedback from your departments and sharp insights challenging your strategies from our side pave the way for an effective go to market approach for your online services.

The OGSM model is used by well known and successful corporations like Proctor and Gamble. Especially the cascading of the model helps you to overarch your complete company and business units with clear strategy definitions and measure the success of the different strategies while executing.

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