The new Youwe HQ is more than just an office

In the midst of the global pandemic where working from home is the new standard for all Youwe employees, we were busy keeping an eye on the future. Because of that, we moved our Rotterdam HQ to a new location in the city with even more space and more importantly, a new purpose. We no longer have an office just to work, but especially to be together, to be social, and to be creative.

Often, an office is just a place with a bunch of desks and a coffee machine. But in our opinion, an office needs to be a social environment. A place where you feel comfortable and where you connect with your colleagues. An office should drive creativity and teamwork. With all of this in mind, we actually found that our previous HQ was not suitable and the search for a new creative hub started.

A social and creative space  

We are proud to announce that our HQ will stay in Rotterdam, but our new office will be located in the HNK building. It’s specially designed to offer our Youwels a place to socialize, get inspired, feel at home, work in teams, innovate and focus at the moments you need to. This all will be possible in our new HQ which is completely decorated in the Youwe brand style.

The new office has a strong combination between work, social interaction, and relaxation. We want to offer our employees a safe space, where they can work, but also have social interactions. At Youwe there are more important things than just the work. We feel that when colleagues can also interact in a personal way, this leads to better projects as a result.

Rob Wiek, CEO Youwe

Besides flexible workspaces, the office has multiple special areas for all employees and teams. We believe that in an office space you must be able to isolate yourself for some time if you need to focus, join standups, have team meetings, relax and be able to give impressive presentations for customers, this is all possible in our new HQ and all supported with the latest tech.

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