How to become a data-driven organization with a digital marketing strategy roadmap

Are you looking for ways to create a digital strategy that suits your business' needs? In this whitepaper, we will hand you a strategic roadmap that's used as a template for our digital business transformations. Years of development and experience now combines the perfect template to navigate your business' performance towards success.

We explore how having a regular progress reports for your strategy, driven by real-time data and visualizing your strategy, will make it easier to manage and deliver success.

In the whitepaper you will find the following:

  • What is a digital strategy?
  • What do you need for a digital strategy?
  • A strategic roadmap
  • How to align marketing and sales
  • How to move from traditional to data-driven
  • A CMO budget chart
  • A blueprint for success; the strategic framework and planning
  • Data-driven objectives to an actionable implementation framework


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