Digital Transformation

Digital transformation means gradually applying digital technology to every part of a company, integrating systems, synchronizing data and automating workflows. At Youwe, we are experts in helping with this journey.

Digital transformation means using digital technologies to solve business problems that used to be solved manually or by other technology. Often times, traditional companies with years of legacy and tradition, come to a point where digitalization becomes a necessity in order to keep satisfying their customers and staying competitive in an age of globalization and many digital-minded newcomers entering the market. "We need to do something with e-commerce" might be a first thought a board of directors had. In general, this is the starting point of a digital transformation: after a website, the need for connecting the ERP system surfaces. The desire to map all product information and data assets with a powerful product information management system. The wish to say goodbye to excel sheets and manually importing data into various systems. 

We help organisations with designing the architecture for their digital organisation.


Our key focus area's

  • Strategy alignment
  • Capability inventory & requirement management
  • Composable enterprise and MACH principles
  • Agile organisations & SCRUM
  • Technology alignment 
  • Data architecture
  • System adoption and change management


Our experts at Youwe look back at years of experience accompanying whole-sellers, manufacturers, brands and retailers on their way to becoming fully digital players with up-to-date technology. And all that while respecting their legacy, their history and way of working.

Ready to transform your business?

We now live in a world where the most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. Shifts are happening! Our experts are ready to help!


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