A digital strategy guide for Swedish manufacturers

Starting with a digital transformation is key for all Swedish manufacturers and sellers. The complex supply chain and the vast amount of product data and specifications paired with the changing buyer demographics makes the optimization of online channels indispensable.

Sweden, as you might doubtlessly know, is a digitally mature country, and so are the people. Looking at Swedish manufacturers and their digital success, it’s the likes of Electrolux, Husqvarna, Volvo and Scania that meet the eye. But maturity does not mean there is nothing left to explore. For all brands and manufacturers, there still is a huge opportunity in digitalising their business.

In this whitepaper, we want to inspire you to bring the digital transformation of your business to a higher level. We start by discussing some general challenges and present the opportunities that derive from there. Also, we share a successful customer case of a global electronics manufacturer, Schneider Electric, who already completed its digital transformation and will discuss the next steps you need to take.

In this whitepaper the following topics will be discussed:

  • The 5 biggest challenges
  • Customer case: Schneider Electric
  • The importance of B2B manufactures starting with their digital transformation right away
  • How to create a digital strategy
  • The business benefits of using a digital strategy
  • To complete your digital transformation, start with an e-commerce platform
  • Multichannel retailing: Integrate your online channels with your ERP
  • Next steps

Enjoy reading!

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