Team as a service

Hire developer capacity, coaching and/or consultancy with Team as a service. Youwe will help you to find a whole team of IT professionals that can help your business grow. 

Do you have capacity problems or a temporary need for specific knowledge and expertise? With the help of Team as a service, you cannot only hire extra help, but you can also ensure that the knowledge in your organization remains guaranteed.

This is in contrast to freelancers, where all accumulated knowledge often comes and goes after a short period again. Youwe helps organizations set up self-managing teams and does not leave until your team is 100% up and running.

Team as a service is an added value for your business. The benefits are:

  • You will get a multidisciplinary team of experts quickly and easily that work not only on behalf of but especially in cooperation with your organization. From A to Z
  • Every two weeks a tangible delivery
  • Investment hand in hand with deliverables
  • Guaranteeing continuity through investment in in-house knowledge.

Why Youwe?

Hiring extra people with knowledge delivers your business speed and certainty. With the professionals of Youwe you get proven knowledge and expertise in house, and if required, from A to Z take responsibility for (complex) projects.

Youwe has a large team of certified employees, each with different specialities. With these teams, we have been implementing digital solutions since 2000, from strategy and concept to realization and implementation. Link flexible employees to permanent employees and combine the best of both worlds.

Team as a service from offshore development in Kiev.

Are you looking for a team of developers and don't need help with the management? Our offshore development team in Kiev Ukraine can help you! 

Start building your team today?

We will assemble the most effective IT team for your business. Contact us to learn about our approach and team configuration we can deliver.


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