Sendcloud is an all-round shipping platform that connects to 85+ shop systems and carriers. Use automation to simplify label creation, tracking, returns, picking & packing, and much more!

“Shipping Sucks.” 

We feel you.  

Orders are trickling in, before having to be picked, labeled, and shipped in time. Meanwhile, your customers receive boring tracking emails and you’re kept busy handling returns. It takes a ton of time (and money) to do all of this properly.
Shipping should be easy, no matter what, where, and how much you ship, so you can focus on growing your ecommerce business!

That’s why we built Sendcloud. A ridiculously easy-to-use shipping platform that scales with you.

The benefits of Sendcloud

  • Increase checkout conversion by offering a wide choice of delivery options and letting customers select a specific delivery date
  • Easily activate and ship with multiple carriers through a single platform
  • Save a lot of time with the automated shipping label generation process
  • Provide the best post-purchase experience with branded tracking emails and pages that drive customer loyalty
  • Avoid negative reviews by keeping customers in the loop, even during shipping delays
  • Create a smooth and efficient returns process for both you and your customers with your own branded returns portal
  • Get actionable insights from your shipping dashboard to drive business growth

The time is now to turn shipping into your competitive advantage. Join 23,000+ online businesses that grow with Sendcloud. 

Integrate your store with +35 international carriers

Your business is unique. That’s why we’ve built integrations with the world’s leading shipping carriers. Connect up to +35 international carriers (and counting!) and switch in one click whenever needed. Upload your own carrier contract or ship directly via Sendcloud’s pre-negotiated shipping rates.


Want to improve your shipping?

Do you want to improve your e-commerce platform and offer your customers a better experience? Choosing the right shipping partner helps you with both! Want to know more about Sendcloud?

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Setting up a fully integrated e-commerce platform

Setting up a fully integrated e-commerce platform isn't as easy as just investing in e-commerce software. Akeneo, Alumio, Buckaroo, Sendcloud & Youwe show you why.

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