What’s new for Pimcore? Platform release 2024.1 and Pimcore Inspire Recap

In March 2024, Pimcore hosted it’s annual conference for customers, developers, Pimcore Partners, and ‘Pimconauts’ in Zell am Zee. During the event, they announced Pimcore’s next major steps forward in terms of tools, releases and AI/ML integration. The audience got a glimpse at the major milestones Pimcore expects to work on over the next year, and got an insight into their roadmap.

There were a couple of major announcements for their Pimcore Platform 2024.1 release, which went live on April 8th 2024:

  • Pimcore Copilot – an AI assistant in Pimcore
  • Pimcore Workflow Automation Integration
  • Pimcore PaaS – a quick option to get Pimcore Enterprise ready for use

Additionally, Pimcore gave a sneak peek into Pimcore Studio, their cool improved UX expected by Q4 of this year! Read more below.

Pimcore Copilot
After an initial period of early access, the AI driven assistant Pimcore Copilot is now integrated within the Pimcore Platform Version 2024.1 and available for Enterprise users. The copilot is designed to become the central hub for all Pimcore activities, with a context-sensitive interface that launches the right assistance at the right time. It comes with a range of preconfigured actions, including text generation via OpenAI, a job execution engine and asset relation assignment. However, the possibilities are endless, as all features are extendable and configurable according to a company’s needs. You can find detailed information on our dedicated Pimcore Copilot page.

Pimcore Workflow Automation
Workflow Automation Integration for n8n optimizes business processes by automating and managing workflows efficiently. It includes pre-configured templates for easy setup and customization, based on existing datahub configurations. This integration seamlessly connects Pimcore with third-party systems, streamlining operations and improving business performance.

Tailored for the forward-thinking enterprise, this release is set to redefine the standards of data management and customer experience, offering unparalleled efficiency, scalability, and intelligence. Tap into the future with predictive analytics that provides actionable intelligence, enabling organizations to stay ahead of the competition.

Pimcore PaaS
To meet the constantly evolving customer demands, Pimcore has launched its own Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering powered by Platform.sh. With this new offering it is now easier than ever before to get Pimcore up and running on a server.

During a live demo our team could witness how a demo version of Pimcore Enterprise was being installed on a server, including a local setup, build, and deploy, within 30 minutes. The Pimcore PaaS has the option to create feature environments to test new functionalities in isolation, and comes with out-of-the-box monitoring.

Are you a (future) Pimcore user and want us to take you on a tour through all of the new possibilities? Get in touch with our experts!

Pimcore Studio (Q4)
They say “with great power comes great responsibility”, and this is true for Pimcore too. Pimcore has so many functionalities that it sometimes is a bit daunting to go through all of them. With the Introduction of Pimcore Studio – the name for the new user interface – Pimcore has made a great step to make the interface simpler and more user-friendly.

The new UI offers the option to have multiple data objects or assets on screen while having optional sidebars on both sides and at the bottom of the screen. These sidebars can contain widgets for which the information can be updated based on the data object in focus. All of this can be arranged to the users’ liking using drag and drop to move widgets around.

These widgets can be developed to show anything. Examples could be the workflow progress for a specific product or the data quality relative to the product segment.Our team has seen a live demo of this new interface and are very impressed with it’s capabilities and the abilities it unlocks moving forward. Pimcore Studio will be released in Q4.

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