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Configuring a modern PIM adapted for a rapidly growing business



Implementation, Hosting


Youwe effectively enhanced GAIA Design's operations by reconfiguring a PIM system (Pimcore), streamlining their processes and improving overall efficiency.

GAIA Design is a versatile furniture eCommerce platform complemented by its network of 26 physical stores. Specializing in home products and design accessories, it boasts an extensive product catalog designed to provide consumers with an accessible and budget-friendly means to elevate their home furnishings.

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, staying ahead of the curve often means adopting cutting-edge solutions to enhance efficiency and competitiveness. For businesses like GAIA, a furniture eCommerce platform with a vision to provide top-notch products and services, re-evaluating their technological arsenal is essential. This is where Youwe, a leader in digital solutions, stepped in to help GAIA define the best path forward for their Product Information Management (PIM) solution. 

GAIA faced a common dilemma. Their existing PIM system wasn’t working at maximum efficiency for their business. They either needed to change to a new, more suitable PIM system, or reconfigure their current one to ensure it works optimally for business needs.  

After careful consideration and analysis, it was clear their current PIM solution, Pimcore, had the ability to offer the flexibility needed, it was just poorly configured. Youwe understood GAIA’s vision and challenges, and our Pimcore specialists were able to identify how a remapped configuration of the PIM solution would offer a transformational journey. In the right hands, Pimcore’s capability to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and enhance data structuring would be pivotal. 

Key requirements for GAIA included improving the default Pimcore import to produce automatic Excel-to-Pimcore mapping and creating a solid, near real time, integration with their broader IT landscape. 

GAIA’s reconfigured PIM system, once integrated under the guidance of Youwe and precisely tailored to meet their unique business requirements, transformed operations.  


Youwe's strategic guidance and the reconfiguration of Pimcore have transformed GAIA's PIM solution, enhancing their data management and setting the stage for a bright future in the competitive world of eCommerce.

Our solution

Embarking on our journey with a well-defined strategy 

Youwe and GAIA set out with a clear and well-defined strategy to reconfigure a robust PIM solution, laying the foundation for streamlined data management and enhanced digital capabilities.


Unlocking Success: Navigating the Future with Confidence

With Pimcore correctly implemented for their specific business requirements, GAIA has significantly improved the efficiency of managing and distributing data on all relevant platforms. This means that both customers and employees now have immediate access to up-to-date product information. 

Furthermore, Pimcore has enabled GAIA to effortlessly enhance their product information. This not only results in substantial time savings but also a notable boost in the quality of product data which in turn enhances User Experience. 


Youwe achieved: 

  • A new message-based integration system which now ensures timely updates across all systems in GAIA’s IT landscape 

  • A rules engine that automatically updates, improving ease of product enrichment and increasing productivity  

  • Effortless integration for data imports with a seamless Excel-to-Pimcore mapping feature 

The results

Tailored PIM system for specific business requirements

Thanks to our productive collaboration, GAIA's PIM system is precisely tailored to meet their specific needs and requirements. Their days of dealing with a poorly configured product data management system are gone.  

A Bright Future   

The reconfiguration also led to more effective data structuring, ensuring that GAIA's product information is now better organized than ever. 

The story of GAIA and Youwe showcases the transformative power of a well-defined strategy and the right technological partner for implementation. 



Implementation, Hosting


Youwe effectively enhanced GAIA Design's operations by reconfiguring a PIM system (Pimcore), streamlining their processes and improving overall efficiency.

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