Optimize your E-commerce Performance with AI-driven Solutions

According to Forbes, the retail e-commerce sales worldwide this year is estimated to total €5.95 trillion. By 2026, it is expected to total over €7.68 trillion.  


There are numerous trends in 2023 aimed at growing online business so we have selected a few that we are confident will have a positive impact on your business.   


Join us to explore important e-commerce trends and learn how artificial intelligence can turn a complex and time-consuming process into new opportunities. It’s the perfect time to gain valuable insights, network with industry leaders and take your digital transformation to the next level. 


During our event you will learn about: 


  • Agile E-commerce Strategy: Adapting to shifting consumer behavior.
  • Tech Tactics: Technology that delivers superior customer experiences. 
  • AI Pricing Strategies: Harness the power of AI to achieve your business goals. 
  • Dynamic Pricing: Finding the pricing sweet spot for maximum profit/revenue. 
  • Competitor Insights: Collect and track data to outsmart your competition. 


PLEASE NOTE: The roundtable will take place online on the 16th May 2023 from 2:00 till 4:00 CET (1:00 PM til 3:00 PM GMT).


Martin Macmillan

Senior Digital Consultant Youwe

Martin Macmillan is a Senior Digital Consultant at Youwe, an Adobe Certified Expert and Professional Scrum Product Owner, with a decade of experience helping merchants achieve their goals in eCommerce and digital transformation. He specializes in being the conduit between technical and non-technical stakeholders, understanding business requirements that drive commercial and operational success, and translating them into real-world solutions.

Vincent Gelink

Commercial Director  SYMSON

Vincent Gelink is the CEO of Award Winning Pricing Platform SYMSON. He is a passionate entrepreneur who has a keen interest in helping CEOs, Directors and Managers digitally accelerate their business with AI for price optimisation and demand forecasting. 


02:00 PM02:15 PM


02:15 PM02:45 PM

Latest e-commerce trends and how to future-proof your IT landscape gaining more flexibility

02:45 PM03:00 PM


03:00 PM03:30 PM

How AI solutions can help you to achieve your business goals

03:30 PM03:45 PM


03:45 PM04:00 PM

Q & A

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