Marketo online training core concepts 2

Learn Marketo inside and out

Marketo Online training. With the Marketo core concepts 2 training we will  learn you the advanced capabilities  rapidly. We will deep dive with you on advanced toppics like building dymamic lists and audiences, leadscoring principles, Munskin tracking and of course advanced revenue attribution reporting. 


Marketo core concepts 2 training

During this 2 day training, we will deep-dive into the Marketing Automation Platform Marketo. During the Marketo core concepts 1 training you are able the learn the fundamentals, but during this training, we will take it one step further. We will look at nurturing your audience with a multi-stream, how to announce a new product, the promotion of a live event, encourage demo requests, and we will manage your programs. Sign up by filling in the form below.


Learning outcomes 

You will learn the following during the Marketo core concepts 2 training:

  • Create a multi-stream nurturing program and transition people between streams
  • Further, Personalise your content using dynamic content and My Tokens (custom tokens) 
  • Create a form using advanced form features
  • Understand and implement advanced smart campaigns
  • Employ custom tags, multiple period costs, cloning and archiving
  • Manage your programs

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