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  • Marketo
  • Marketo integration with MS Dynamics CRM
  • GDPR compliency


From strategy to implementation. Youwe helped De Heus with getting insights and hosting an interactive workshop and also with implementing and testing the new templates.


Full Marketo engage implementation and roadmap

In this case, you see how we rolled out Marketo for a global marketing team. De Heus is a global, leading producer of nutritional products and concepts for livestock and aquaculture farmers. Their customers include small to large-scale farmers, integrations, and dealers. In addition to their product offering, De Heus are experts in animal nutrition, health, and farming, sharing with customers the knowledge and insight to help them evolve and advance. To do this Youwe implemented the Marketing Automation engagement platform Marketo. 

De Heus was searching for a scalable solution to improve their customers' communications on a global scale. Working with a global marketing and sales team for different regions and with a variety of cultures, this can be very challenging. Especially if the digital maturity varies over the different locations and teams. In order to get quick success but also lay out the blueprint for a scalable automated marketing system, Youwe has successfully rolled out Marketo. Creating a global center of excellence that enables the local marketing teams to start their local digital marketing campaigns. 

The Marketo platform is fully integrated with their Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. This way the sales teams get quality insights into the behavior of their accounts assuring their sales activity and conversations are spot-on. Together with the teams of de Heus, Youwe supports intelligent campaigning using the excellent capabilities of Marketo. 

The global center of excellence makes it very easy for local marketers to roll out campaigns with predefined structures and reports. Saving each country loads of time in creating campaigns and they immediately benefit from the learnings done globally. 

Our solution

A workshop is a great way to start a project

Starting with a marketing roadmap inventory, Youwe organized a workshop with De Heus to fully understand the global marketing and communication structures and challenges of the organization. Resulting in clear strategic goals and objectives which could be used to prioritize the long list of marketing ambitions. Not only for the marketing team it is very important to have a clear view of the strategy and actions. But to have an effective roll-out we were able to use the outcomes to challenge the various regions and see if we could enrich the global strategy with local needs and insights. This way we were able to get the needed support of the various regions and assure the Marketo platform would work in their local environment as well.

Adobe Marketo

Youwe has implemented Adobe Marketo for De Heus and configured the native Microsoft Dynamics integration. The platform assures that all of the sales and marketing activity data could be consolidated and marketing interactions with prospects could be triggered at the right time with the right message. We started with the release of a preference center assuring the opt-in data was managed in a GDPR compliant way. By doing this we also improved the data quality of the prospect and customer database of De Heus. The next step was building the structure to enable re-usable marketing campaigns in the Marketo center of excellence. This way local marketing teams could benefit from the learnings and structures already available within the global organization. Resulting in a shorter time to market for the various marketing initiatives while also making the initiatives accountable due to the attribution reporting.

One of the marketing activities was making smart email templates. They provide a great way of building flexible and personalized campaigns. The composable structures help the marketing teams easily build sophisticated mail campaigns. The Marketo landing pages provide a way of making best-in-class converting landing pages for various campaigns. With the content personalization capabilities of Marketo, we were able to increase engagement and conversion.

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Impact of UX on conversion

Once the roadmap was defined we could work on effective UX for the e-mailing templates and landing pages. 

  • UX principles for email marketing
  • Design system for email marketing
  • Design modules for email marketing
  • Best practices for a better user experience in email marketing


The results

Now the first global regions that have been onboarded in Marketo de Heus benefits from the full strength of an enterprise marketing automation solution. New campaigns can be started in a really short period of time while still assuring all best practices and standards are met. This has impacted the alignment between the marketing and sales departments positively. For the first time, the organization has an end-to-end view on the performance of the marketing initiatives helping the organization forward in the way of data-driven marketing. More time now is focussed on campaigns we can predict will work successfully. Customer engagement has increased making it easier for the sales reps of de Heus to collect insights from the available data. In the end, this impacts the cross-and-upsell capabilities of de Heus on a global level.

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