Digital transformation for cash & carry company Zegro


  • Magento 2 Enterprise
  • InOne integration
  • Zegris/Solidis integration (ERP)
  • GS1 supplychain information


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B2B ordering platform integrated with the advanced personalized shopping experience.

Youwe has implemented a solution that makes it easier for customers to order from Zegro through a smaller order processing system and automated administration.

Not so long ago, restaurants ordered their supplies by fax. An order list containing over a hundred lines of orders was the rule, not the exception. Zegro is a well-known name in the Rotterdam area. Many restaurants in the area choose to order their fresh foods and supplies for the hospitality industry at Zegro. Therefore it is important that the ordering itself stays pleasurable. Zegro agrees with that idea. They are heading in a new direction.

Now 85% of the Zegro delivery-clients order online thanks to the Magento platform built by Youwe. 

Our solution

Magento integrations

Radical automation. Everything needs to be focused on an efficient ordering process and ease to use for the customer. Zegro is modernizing and digitalizing. All processes are run through the webshop: placing orders, requesting invoices or choosing delivery dates.

It all has to be easy, no searching needed. Even something as specific as vacuum sealing a specific piece of fish has to be found in an instant. In addition, you want clients to have their own control in the ordering process. They can choose whether their customer can place orders or ready them up for shipment. The integration with the Zegris/Solidis ordering system was a challenge. Since all mutations are processed directly, the logistics department knew what to do. The inONE integration can be considered unique. The purchase portal integrated with the Magento webshop ensures an automatic order processing.

The results

Online orders

A smaller order processing system and automated administration. Thanks to the Magento platform, the account managers now have more time to realize actual sales. It could be that a restaurant changes the order list because he decided to buy them somewhere else. In that case, the account manager will receive an automatic notification. This means he can adjust to the customer needs and wishes with no problem at all.

The ordering app realized an increase in the total amount of users of the online ordering channel. Which makes sense, the customer is shown a personalized assortment and an easy way to add orders with a barcode scanner. Currently, over 85% of the clients' orders online. Together with Zegro, Youwe is working hard to have the last 15% convinced to switch to the online platform.

More online orders and an efficient order process for your webshop?

Stand out with your webshop! Make the order process for your customers easier with a smaller order processing system and automated administration. Youwe is ready to take your webshop to the next level!