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Effective from July 1, 2023, Google will cease support for Universal Analytics, fully transitioning to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). If you don't migrate, your Magento store risks losing valuable data, compromising your ability to measure and optimize performance. But the impending discontinuation of Universal Analytics isn't the only reason to switch to GA4. There's a host of powerful features waiting for you in GA4 that can significantly enhance your e-commerce platform. Let's dive into some of these compelling reasons to make the switch:

Why Migrate to GA4?

Harness the Power of AI: GA4 leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and trends in your data. This empowers you to anticipate customer behavior, fine-tune your marketing strategies, and stay ahead of the curve.

Gain a Holistic View with Comprehensive Data: GA4 keeps track of user interactions across various devices and platforms, providing a complete picture of your customers' journey. This ensures you have a robust understanding of all your touchpoints and geographical regions for more effective reporting.

Tailor-Made Metrics for Your Needs: With GA4, you're not limited to preset metrics. You can define your own events and parameters, tailoring the analytics to your unique business needs. This allows for more granular insights, helping you better comprehend what truly motivates your customers and drives their purchasing decisions.


Our Five-Step migration package

We have developed a systematic, five-step approach to GA4 migration that assures optimal migration towards GA4 without loss of data. :

  • GA4 Requirements Preparation: We initiate the process by comprehending your specific needs and expectations for GA4. What data points and events are meaningful to steer your  business?
  • Review of Current Data Tracking Setup: Our experts meticulously evaluate your current Universal Analytics setup to identify potential enhancements and areas for optimization.
  • New Site Tracking Setup and Infrastructure Proposal: Leveraging insights from our review, we formulate a custom GA4 infrastructure proposal that aligns perfectly with your business objectives.
  • GA4 data foundations for Implementation & dataLayer Requirements Development: We provide comprehensive technical requirements for the migration, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Property Setup & Configuration: Our team manages the technical intricacies of setting up and configuring your GA4 properties, thus ensuring accurate data tracking and reporting.
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