Setting up your IT landscape for success

Many organizations have a complex IT landscape, new systems and tools are added to the current landscape which results in a complex and messy end result. In this blog, we share a customer case to show you how to set up your IT landscape for success with the help of smart integration software.

Obelink, a Dutch company, is a renowned company in the world of camping and outdoor. Like many organizations Obelink had a complex set of applications with multiple data silos, including an ERP, WMS, POS, e-commerce; and a PIM system was due to be added. 

Obelink’s objective was to create a digital environment ready for rapid expansion. Therefore, we needed to unlock data from the existing systems in their IT ecosystem. “We want to be ready for the future by building standardized digital e-commerce processes that support total digitization.” - Obelink 

 iPaaS integration platform

The solution? The Alumio integration platform. The platform was implemented to unlock the data and connect these systems in a future-proof way. Data, both on and offline, across all systems is synced through Alumio. This way the data is always up to date. “We want to be able to serve clients and digitize all business processes. As data exchange can bear a heavy load on the connected systems, through Alumio, we can keep our core systems stable, Obelink stated. Alumio’s iPaaS integration solution is the center of a future-proof IT ecosystem ready for digital growth and helped Obelink with setting up the following integrations: 

  • Product sync of Akeneo to Magento 
  • B2C customer (company and contacts) data login and account creation process 
  • Stock and availability 
  • B2C pricing process 
  • Warehouse integration for delivery and logistics processes 
  • Omnichannel order process POS, e-commerce and BlueRetail 
  • Refunds process 


Want to know more about how to set up your IT landscape for success and how Alumio's iPaaS integration platform can help you? Download the whitepaper: Setting up a fully integrated e-commerce platform

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