Service Levels & 24/7 support

Sleep well knowing your platforms are being monitored. The combination of smart software identifying problems up-front and a highly motivated team being available 24/7 to watch over your systems.

With hosting mission-critical platforms assuring your availability and healthiness of your systems is key. Downtime instantly turns into loss of money and damages your carefully built reputation. Therefore we take our support services very seriously. In our continuous flow to mitigate risks, we have built our current service organisation taking advantage of our 20 years of hosting experience.

On a yearly basis, our full hosting organization is being audited by external auditors assuring our ISO 270001 security management system works well.  

Server management

The core of your availability is assured by highly automated server management. Updates of your platforms and services are being pushed automatically to your platforms assuring you have always covered the latest security patches of your platforms. 

Off-cloud backups

We love the cloud delivered by AWS, Google and Azure but we are fully aware of the business continuity risks for your business. Therefore we have developed a unique technique which allows us to deploy your platforms with a new cloud vendor within 24hrs. Our advanced backup policies not only take snapshots during the day but can rebuild your services from the ground with a push of a button. Since we know problems not always are identified instantly we keep track of many roll-back points in history assuring your business continuity.  

System health monitoring

Our systems not only monitor availability, but we understand your application landscape can have many depts in order to be fully operational. By monitoring end-user performance and delivering centralized logging systems, we can monitor your system's health of the different platforms you bring online. By identifying the root cause for end-users problems, we save you loads of time examining code-bases and data integrations pinpointing problems spot on.


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