Maximize your Customer Lifetime Value

Introducing our next Expert Half-Hour Series, a four-part webinar series designed to provide you with invaluable insights on how to maximize Customer Lifetime Value. In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, understanding and maximizing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) can be the key to unlocking sustainable growth and success. 


These succinct and informative 30 minute sessions will be held over your lunch break, making it convenient for you to gain valuable knowledge without us disrupting your busy schedule. 

  • Wednesday 3rd April, 12pm GMT 
  • Wednesday 10th April, 12pm GMT 
  • Wednesday 17th April, 12pm GMT 
  • Wednesday 1st May, 12pm GMT 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are discovering these webinars during the series or after they have happened, all recordings are saved onto our LinkedIn feed so you can watch them on demand. 

Our experts will cover crucial topics outlined below, providing you with a high-level overview of the tools, systems, and approaches you can implement to ensure you’re maximizing customer lifetime value. Join us and learn how to revolutionize your marketing strategies for lasting success! 

Each session will conclude with a short Q&A, offering you the opportunity to engage directly with our experts.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your eCommerce and Digital Marketing strategies. Register now for the Expert Half-Hour Series. We look forward to your participation!


Kamilla Heap

Marketing Technology Consultant Youwe

Kamilla Heap is a marketing operations consultant with a decade's worth of experience in the field. She specialises in delivering simple solutions to complex projects, and is always looking to optimise processes, people and technology. 

Fay Cadman

Marketing Technology Consultant Youwe

Fay Cadman is a Mar-Tech Consultant with over 12 years’ experience in digital marketing. She works closely with clients to optimise their campaign activity across a wide range of marketing automation platforms. Her key specialism is providing solutions to create the best email and landing page templates.

Camilla Marsh

Online Marketeer Youwe

Camilla Marsh is a digital marketing consultant with 15 years of experience working primarily with eCommerce merchants. She specialises in designing and implementing data driven acquisition strategies and solutions. Collaborating with Youwe's PPC, SEO, CRO, UX and Martech specialists, her approach is tailored to each client's budget, goals and growth ambitions.

Paul Gilbert

Marketing Technology Consultant Youwe

Paul Gilbert is a Mar-Tech consultant with over a decade of experience in digital marketing. He assists clients towards maximising the value of their marketing technology for a cohesive and authentic customer journey. He enjoys staying at the cutting edge of the latest advancements in digital marketing. 


12:00 PM12:30 PM

Wednesday 3rd April - Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value: Strategies for Success

12:00 PM12:30 PM

Wednesday 10th April - Integrating CLV: Acquisition Strategies, Personalization and Loyalty Programs

12:00 PM12:30 PM

Wednesday 17th April - Tools for Effective CLV Strategy Implementation

12:00 PM12:30 PM

Wednesday 1st May - Navigating Seasonal Peaks: Sustaining Customer Engagement Year-Round

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