Youwe is ready for an experience-driven future with commercetools

Youwe is your guide in the digital jungle, so what for guide would we be if we wouldn’t always want to show you something new and exciting. That's why we are happy to announce our new partnership with commercetools, the world’s leading commerce platform built on modern MACH principles. Commercetools allows you to work with your commerce solution to tailor experiences to the exact needs of your business and its customers.

At Youwe we see a clear shift in the digital world. As experiences get more and more important the underlying technology must be flexible to achieve this. The problem often arises that companies are using legacy systems that just aren't flexible enough. That's why we see a clear uprising in new architectures and flexible headless solutions. Commercetools is not just a headless platform, but a MACH principle. MACH stands for Microservices support, API first, Cloud-native, and Headless. The headless commerce platform separates frontend and backend functionality, and because of that commercetools enables businesses to create seamless shopping experiences across all digital touchpoints. Their flexible API lets you engage with your customers via webshops, mobile apps, voice assistants, AR/VR applications, social networks, and others. We are looking forward to making your experience better with the help of commercetools.

We see this technology as an important addition to our portfolio fitting with platforms like Drupal, Acquia, but also Pimcore as a cloud-native composable commerce solution providing a true headless approach.

Henk Mensinga, Director of Product Implementation Youwe


As said before commercetools is built on a MACH principle, but what does this mean for you? 

  • Microservices support: In their cloud-based Microservices solution you will find 300+ commerce APIs which you can consume individually. Use those ready-made commerce building blocks to create or supplement your own infrastructure and run them at scale.
  • API first: Modern APIs are at the core of digital commerce. They are the glue that connects applications and things and allow organizations to develop new business opportunities. Commercetools has the most advanced commerce API at its core. It allows for unrivaled levels of flexibility and lets you connect to all frontends and third-party applications.
  • Cloud-native: commercetools focuses on delivering an exceptionally resilient and fast cloud platform, giving merchants the freedom to develop their individual functionalities on top of it rather than worrying about maintaining and updating a complex backend technology.
  • Headless: A headless architecture means a separate frontend from the backend. With this, you can easily connect all touchpoints via the flexible APIs of commercetools. 

Named a leader by Gartner

Youwe is not the only one noticing the potential of commercetools. Research giant Gartner named commercetools as a Leader in their Magic Quadrant of digital commerce 2021. Commercetools joins giants like Adobe, SAP, and Salesforce in this quadrant and is mostly named a leader because of their architecture. "They offer an API-first, cloud-native, and modular architecture that auto-scales and is continuously enhanced. It doesn’t include a front end but offers a reference application (SUNRISE), several SDKs, and GraphQL for clients that want a quick start. The modular architecture allows for frequent releases at the rate of a few times per day, which are transparently deployed to production," Gartner, 2021.

Ready for an experience-driven future

Are you ready for an experience-driven future? We are! Together with commercetools, of course. 

Are you ready for an experience-driven future?

Want to know more about commercetools or are you looking for a partner who could help you take your e-commerce platform to the next level? 

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