Watch the replay of the online event: 6 Essential tactics to boost your online revenue

Want to grow your e-commerce business revenue this year? Well, growth doesn’t happen by accident. Every platform needs to be optimized to use its full potential. During this online event, we covered 6 tactics to help businesses increase their online sales, customer satisfaction, and revenues by combining the superpowers of e-commerce and Marketing Automation together — and what’s even better, we will also show you how to get there. Download the replay here. 

In the online event, we covered the 6 following tactics: 

  1. Omnichannel: Why an omnichannel strategy will deliver a fully integrated shopping experience across every stage of the buyer journey.
  2. Buyer experience: How to ensure customers visiting your website enjoy the experience - and will buy from you.
  3. Personalization: The personalization revolution is well underway, we will explore how you can use it can boost your sales and customer satisfaction
  4. Inventory management: How to manage your stock, inventory, and pricing to keep your online business as efficient as possible.
  5. Conversion: Tools and tactics to increase wallet share and sales conversion.
  6. Insights: Review how the most successful online stores rely on analytical data to make decisions to increase revenue.


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