The State of E-commerce 2022

Your insights into the biggest e-commerce trends happening in Europe right now, delivered by four leading industry experts.


There’s no doubt that e-commerce has been transformed in the post-covid world. Technological advancements have accelerated. Consumers have become far more demanding, and the B2B arena has started to move closer to the core values and customer engagement methods of B2C.

Whether you operate in a B2C or B2B business, you’ll find a wealth of relevant information within this expert guide.

As well as exploring the current e-commerce landscape, we’ll take a look into the future, bringing you insights into some of the new and emerging trends.

You’ll hear from leading industry executives at Adyen, commercetools, Spryker and Tweakwise. Which means we’ve covered the payments platform, commerce platform, customizable commerce stack, and personalized site search and merchandising angles.

In each chapter, our experts share their personal and professional opinions, focusing on:

  • The current state of e-commerce in Europe
  • The e-commerce trends of 2022
  • The biggest challenges ahead

Download your guide now, and explore the opportunities within the changing world of e-commerce.

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The state of E-commerce 2022

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