The State of E-commerce 2021

In The State of E-commerce, we look at the current state and future of the e-commerce industry in Europe. Of course, we also asked our experts to review the impact of COVID-19. To get a complete view of the industry, we interviewed specialists from Adobe, Pimcore, and Alumio. This allows us to view our field from surprising and sharp angles. As you might know, you need data management and integrations to make your online shop truly successful.

Because our partners operate in different fields, The State of E-commerce is an interdisciplinary view of our field. This allows us to properly form the current and future state of affairs. Together with our partners, we sketch a clear picture of what is happening now and what awaits all companies operating in the e-commerce market. In The State of E-commerce, we look at our field from three angles. The three angles are:

  1. The current state of e-commerce in Europe
  2. The e-commerce trends of 2021
  3. The biggest upcoming challenges for e-commerce companies

Nowadays, e-commerce is not strictly just for the B2C market it is also available for B2B companies and due to the pandemic, which resulted in lockdowns, people working from home, and companies needing to rethink their strategies, e-commerce has actually become a must for all companies and markets. That’s why in The State of E-commerce, we will look at both the B2C and B2B markets.

In each chapter, our experts share their personal and professional opinion. The result is a clear picture of the current e-commerce market, an overview of the upcoming trends, and insights into the biggest challenges that will arise for all companies operating in the e-commerce world. Fill in the form to download. 

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