Setting up a fully integrated e-commerce platform

As the worldwide pandemic has shown us, e-commerce is more important than ever. The pandemic has changed the shopping behavior of customers and has forced companies to accelerate their digital transformation.

E-commerce is the place to be but entering the e-commerce world isn’t just a matter of investing in a commerce platform. If you want to do it right, you need to invest in a fully integrated e-commerce platform and think about your entire IT landscape, Product Information Management, payment solutions, shipping, and create the best possible customer experience. This is a lengthy and hard process that requires a digital strategy.

To help you out, five digital frontrunners have come together and created the guide: Setting up a fully integrated e-commerce platform. In the guide, you will find the following:

  • The importance of a clear digital e-commerce strategy, by Youwe
  • Setting up your IT landscape for success, by Alumio
  • The ideal payment strategy, by Buckaroo
  • 4 Tips to automate your shipping process, by Sendcloud
  • Unlocking Growth through Product Experiences, by Akeneo

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