Setting up a fully integrated e-commerce platform

How to set up a fully-integrated e-commerce platform to elevate your business

If you want to conquer the e-commerce market rather than just be dragged along by it, you need to invest in a fully integrated e-commerce platform and think about your entire IT landscape, Product Information Management, payment solutions, shipping as well as creating the best possible customer experience. Making the right decisions in a lengthy process like this is elementary. To set you up for success, five digital frontrunners have come together and created this guide for you.

  • The importance of a clear digital e-commerce strategy, by Youwe
  • Setting up your IT landscape for success, by Alumio
  • The ideal payment strategy, by Buckaroo
  • 4 Tips to automate your shipping process, by Sendcloud
  • Unlocking Growth through Product Experiences, by Akeneo

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