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Get more interaction and engagement with progressive web apps. Maintenance of apps can be a hassle and time-consuming. With the new Progressive Web Technology, you can overarch the gap between traditional android or iPhone apps and your regular website. 

Progressive Web Apps (PWA's) are the new standard in web technology. Finally, websites can get all of the advantages that native mobile apps have but still keep easy to maintain. Now you can build your website with the fast and responsiveness your native mobile apps do, but still, keep one codebase for all of your experiences.  Increase your customer loyalty by providing them with an easy to engage platform that can outperform the regular setup of your website.


The key advantages of PWA's:

  • You can store information locally on devices increasing the speed and experience for your customers
  • Improved SEO rankings since Google prioritizes PWA's in the search results based on the PWA scores
  • Get a local app icon on Android and iPhone devices making your platform easy to access
  • No more maintenance of multiple instances of your web platform
  • Local storage as an app icon on Android and iPhone
  • Caching on devices for operating without internet connectivity

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