Now & in the future: generate traffic for your integrated e-commerce platform

We always try to look into the future and predict our outcomes, but as we all know, the future is unpredictable. Something we also know is, that preparation is extremely important. So, that’s exactly what we are going to do during this event, we are going to prepare you for the best possible future in e-commerce.


On the 13th of October, we are going to answer questions such as: “Where will e-commerce stand?” “What impactful trends can we expect in the upcoming years?” “And what changes should you prepare for as an online merchant?” 

Let’s time travel together with our partners and our biggest merchants. During this live event we will discuss the following:

  • How to generate traffic for your e-commerce platform with the help of Marketing Automation, by De Heus
  • The future of e-commerce, by Adobe
  • How to integrate Martech and other applications into your IT landscape, by Alumio


Register your interest by clicking on the "Register now!" button and one of our experts will contact you. The event will take place in Breukelen, the Netherlands on the 13th of October from 17:30 till 22:00 CET. 


Caspar Hardholt

Managing Director & Co-founder at Alumio

Caspar is Alumio’s CEO and founder. With over two decades of web and e-commerce experience, Caspar creates an ambitious, respectful, and trustful environment for clients, partners, and employees to evolve in the world of information technology. Alumio serves renowned e-commerce merchants across the globe and has the ambition to become a global leader in the digital economy with the dedication to solve the various challenges that businesses face when it comes to integrations.

Martijn Visscher

Group e-Business Manager at Royal De Heus

Marion Freijsen

Strategic Business Advisor, Commerce Strategy at Adobe

Marion Freijsen is a long-term technology professional. Prior to joining Adobe, she was COO of the largest Dutch e-commerce player in wine & coffee and she was responsible for transforming the company and implementing an e-commerce platform and commerce strategy across 16 labels in 6 different countries. Marion is a published author with the release of The N-Factor: How Networking Can Change the Dynamics of Your Business in 2007 and the 2nd book, The EFactor: Entrepreneurship in the Social Media Age, was released in November 2012. She is a frequent speaker and presenter and in her spare time, an active sports enthousiast!


05:30 PM10:00 PM


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