Lunch & Learn Stockholm: Discussing the challenge of omnichannel, customer experience and AI

Future-proofing your e-commerce strategy: Discussing the challenge of omnichannel, customer experience and AI! Join us at the stylish ‘Hotel at Six’ in downtown Stockholm, to discuss the latest e-commerce strategies and hear what pricing strategies powered by Artificial Intelligence are and why your business can benefit from using them. In addition, attendees will be showcasing their knowledge and experiences and networking with leading industry players and decision-makers over lunch. This exclusive event is designed for both those brands that want to become omnichannel retailers and also established omnichannel retailers who want to become more profitable and increase their market share. 


The e-commerce industry is on the cutting edge of technological innovation. It is serving a generation of consumers that demands excellent experiences across every channel. As we enter a new decade where customer demand for instant shopping experiences is even higher and goals to sell more and more is increased, the pace of change in e-commerce is not slowing down. 

A truly omnichannel offering requires an understanding of customer behaviour across all shopping channels and how this should impact your overall business strategy.  By maximizing the efficiency of your e-commerce store with an ommnichannel strategy, making data driven decisions and providing a great customer experience......converting most of online users is not far from reality.  
Sign up and learn: 

  • How to create a seamless customer experience with data led decisions 

  • Technology beyond buzzwords: be customer centric instead of being fooled by trends! 

  • Why data is the key to master omnichannel approaches 

  • Use AI to outsmart Amazon at their own game 

  • What are the quick wins to start with AI  

  • A clear customer case to explain the AI Journey 


Claus Vestergaard Sørensen

Senior Solution Consultant, Adobe

Claus uses his strong technical background to communicate technical and business aspects of omni-channel commerce and customer experience to both technical and non-technical personnel on all levels at prospects and customers.<br />He has worked the web since 2002, initially as a developer. Later, he worked as both a peer-chosen manager and in advisory roles. Claus has a strong interest in communicating complex subjects to people that may not necessary be experts within the field. His technical expertise lies within commerce and customer experiences.

Vincent Gelink

Director, Symson

With a focus on successful entrepreneurship, Vincent has made his journey through start-ups, scale-ups and supporting corporates.  In the past 7 years, he has contributed to &gt;75 companies that were in the process of digital transformation or needed to enter the market quickly with venture capital. He earned his MBA at Nyenrode Business University and has always been interested in the digital aspect of operations. His thesis shed light on the implications of developments in quantum computing and cybersecurity. From the combination of innovation in technology and the practical applicability in business, he has a drive to make companies grow smart. His conviction is that data is the basis for this and SYMSON has now become the leading instrument for this. 


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Lunchtime! How to optimize your e-commerce with AI-driven strategies

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Future proof e-commerce: Balancing tech trends and customer needs. Adobe Industry Expert

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Lunch & Learn Stockholm: Discussing the challenge of omnichannel, customer experience and AI

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