Hyvä is the Right Choice for Your Magento Store

Considering switching your Magento store to Hyvä? If not, you should be. This blog will help you understand the benefits of Hyvä.

Who Should Consider Hyvä 

Hyvä is ideal for merchants looking to: 

  • Improve Page Speed: Fast-loading pages are crucial for keeping customers engaged and reducing bounce rates. 

  • Enhance User Experience: A responsive and stable site leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

  • Boost Conversion Rates: Faster sites typically see higher conversion rates as customers can navigate and make purchases more easily. 

Real-World Performance 

Real-world data shows that sites using Hyvä consistently perform better in Core Web Vitals. For instance: 

  • Load Times: Hyvä sites load significantly faster than those using the traditional Luma theme. 

  • Interactivity: Users experience quicker response times, leading to smoother interactions. 

  • Visual Stability: Reduced layout shifts mean that users can browse without unexpected changes in the content layout. 

Maintenance and Upgrades 

Hyvä’s streamlined codebase makes it easier to maintain and upgrade your Magento store. This can lead to reduced development costs and fewer headaches when making changes or adding new features. The use of modern development tools also means that your store is built on a future-proof foundation, ready to adapt to new technologies and trends. 

Check out our Vufold Casestudy  

Before coming to Youwe, VuFold’s site ran on Adobe Open Source but they wanted to replace their solution with a new build on Adobe 2, using the new Hyvä Themes frontend. They had several key objectives to the project, including: 

  • Functionality: The new solution should retain or improve upon all existing functionality 
  • Simplify: Wherever possible simplifying the technology and administration 
  • Stability: Remove blockers/issues caused wherever they are identified 
  • Performance: To improve site performance and speed wherever possible 
  • UX: Deliver clear improvements to the user experience and improve the customer journey 

Now, with Hyvä Themes and Adobe 2, Vufold has a blazing fast performance, quicker development times, and a decrease in maintenance overheads.  

Read the full case here.  

Hyvä offers substantial benefits for merchants aiming to optimize their Magento stores. It’s a smart investment for future-proofing your eCommerce site and ensuring it meets modern performance standards. Not convinced yet? Contact us to schedule a consultation and start your journey towards a faster, more efficient Magento store. 

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