How marketplaces and optimized checkouts can supercharge your e-commerce strategy

In this guide, Adobe, Akeneo, Mirakl, and Youwe will show you the benefits of adding a marketplace to your e-commerce strategy and Mollie and Sendcloud will help you to optimize your checkout. 

Have you thought about building your own online marketplace, like Amazon or Alibaba? It makes sense that larger marketplaces gather more shopper traffic than smaller, single-source sites. You could say that online marketplaces are the shopping malls of the e-commerce world, bringing multiple merchants into a single shopping destination. But online, outside of brick and mortar, the marketplace model can be applied to both B2C and B2B.

Both for marketplaces and every other online channel the checkout is the most crucial part. A purchase can still be abandoned when the checkout process is not exceeding the expectations of the buyer. Therefore, you need to optimize your checkout process and offer the best payment and shipping options for your buyers. 

Optimize your e-commerce landscape for long-term success by downloading the guide. 

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