Future-proofing your e-commerce platform with best-in-breed solutions

Are you considering moving from a monolithic platform to a headless, composable, or MACH solution? Or do you have no idea what all of these buzzwords are, but are you lacking flexibility in your current e-commerce platform? In this roundtable, Youwe, Alumio, and Spryker will discuss the latest e-commerce trends and show you how to create a future-proof e-commerce platform with best-in-breed solutions. 

In this roundtable, Youwe, Alumio, and Spryker will talk about flexible architectures such as headless, composable, and MACH and how your business can profit from them, and which business challenges they solve. Currently, a lot of companies are struggling to optimize their e-commerce platform as they are working with an outdated platform and a messy IT landscape. Therefore it's difficult to add new channels, move to a new business model or create a better customer experience. To change this, a flexible architecture is needed. Fill in the form to download the roundtable and learn how to set up your e-commerce platform for long-term success. 

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