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With Youwe and Magento 2 Commerce, Flinders was able to take their online store into the future, ready for new opportunities!

A strong collaboration with a strong lifestyle brand. Flinders, the inspiring furniture and home decorations store, looked ahead with a wish for a stable, future-proof e-commerce platform. Back in 2013, Youwe developed the first version of the Magento 1 platform, and now it's time for the next step: Magento 2. "Youwe really understood what we needed," says Serge Barnhoorn, IT Manager of Flinders.

Over the years Flinders had created a very customized version of Magento 1, and there were so many custom integrations that they were no longer able to properly keep their system secure and up to date. That is why they were looking for a partner who was able to connect their IT landscape to their new e-commerce platform.

Youwe developed the first version of Magento 1, and now it's time for the next step: Magento 2

Our solution

Industry standard

"As a retailer, we looked at the industry standard, which was Magento. Magento 1 was already good in our experience, so we knew we had to go with Magento 2." The fact that Magento is now backed by Adobe, was also a big plus, as Flinders knew they could count on a platform that would take them into the future.

Flinders was looking for knowledge and experience in Magento 2, as their team wasn't ready to implement, lacking the Magento 2 knowledge. "Youwe is a partner who has years of experience and has a proven track record in building and migrating to Magento 2."

The process

Flinders opted for a Minimum Viable Product through Youwe's Best Practice Theme. That means they were able to work with a fully functional store very quickly. "We really valued the collaboration with Youwe," says Serge. "As we knew the people we were working with, it was possible to really co-create this project." As a partner, Youwe collaborated on the wishes and goals of Flinders' Magento 2 Commerce store. With in-depth consultancy and development, Flinders was able to quickly create a Magento 2 store that fit their needs.

The results

A smart & beautiful foundation

One of Flinders wishes was a way to adapt the URL structure, rather than using Magento 2's standard structures. This allows the marketing team to optimize the use of their SEO tools. "It's just a small addition but it makes such a big difference for us." The checkout process has already been optimized, and the store is ready to be connected to Flinders' IT landscape.

Ready for an inspired future

What makes Flinders unique is their ability to inspire through their brand. Next to their brick-and-mortar stores and online store, they do in-home style advice which takes the customer experience to the next level. With their Magento 2 Commerce store, they aim for an even better online experience. It's the goal for their customers to be able to use virtual reality to virtually place Flinders' items in their living rooms. "We hope to bring that to life in the next two years to bring customers even closer to our products."

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