Is e-commerce the business solution during COVID-19?

For months now the world is captivated by COVID-19. Our personal and professional lives are affected by it. And most of the effects we see, are negative effects. But if we look at the bright side of things, we also see that some businesses are actually creating more turnover than before the COVID-19 period. And we are not the only ones.

The rise of e-commerce

BigCommerce states the following: “One of the responses we’ve seen to how people are approaching this period of isolation and uncertainty is in huge overnight changes to their shopping behaviors. From bulk-buying to online shopping, people are changing what they’re buying, when, and how.” Also, Engine found out in a survey that people are spending an average 10-30% more online. Lots of companies are researching the growth in online shopping, which Adobe is one of. They are using Adobe Analytics, which monitors the e-commerce transactions of 80 of the top 100 U.S. retailers. And they are investigating the products that are being sold. Everyone has seen the immense run for toilet paper in stores, but also the online purchases for toilet paper have spiked by 186%, according to the Adobe data. Similar to toilet paper, non-perishable foods such as canned goods and shelf-stable items (think about oatmeal, rice, pasta) are common staples in emergency preparation. It’s no surprise that online purchases of these items are up by 69% and 58%, respectively. But besides the groceries that are being bought online, people are also spending more on other things such as clothes and interior decoration. Zalando, for example, has reported a surge in items sold on its platform over Easter, an increase of more than 100% compared with last year. This follows moves by the online fashion retailer to allow partner brands and businesses easier access to the Zalando e-commerce platform during Covid-19, reaching its 32 million active customers. And what do you think about Amazon? They are officially the world’s largest retailer and they have announced they can no longer keep up with consumer demand. As a result, it will be delaying the delivery of non-essential items, or in some cases not taking orders for non-essentials at all.

Now, of course, this situation isn’t positive for everyone and a lot of businesses are exactly in trouble. Visualcapitalist researched the markets and products that are fastest declining in online sales at the moment and as you might imagine the products that are connected to activities such as traveling, and events are declining the fastest. Hereby, you need to think about suitcases, cameras, swimwear, bridal wear, etc. But these markets and products are maybe struggling at this moment. But when this situation is over and we have the green light to travel again, guess what people are going to buy? All the above. You need to be prepared for this. 

Are you online already?

Now above you have seen a rise in online sales at Amazon and Zalando, these e-commerce giants have all the right tools and the best platforms, so people know where they can find the products they are selling. We have seen that during the COVID-19 times a lot of business is happening online, so if you are one of the companies that is still not active online, then you really need to think about starting with a digital e-commerce solution. These times are tough, for everyone. Both on a personal as on a business level. To keep your business running and keep in touch with your customers, you have to make the switch to an online platform only then you can keep your business running because only then people are able to find you. It will take a while before people are going back to shopping at brick-and-mortar stores. And if they are going to do that at all is not certain. Especially when your business, for example, is selling cameras and you are having a tough time now, then it is extremely important to create an online shop for when people are interested in buying your products again. We actually can help you with that. We can offer you a professional, fully functional online shop, as fast as possible and within budget. We can help you build a solid e-commerce platform with all essential ingredients supporting full functionalities and a great customer experience. An e-commerce platform in as fast as three weeks, for a very fair price. 

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