E-commerce and PIM in one integrated suite

When having a growing and successful business it is important to have the right tools and systems in place to match that growth and success. If you don't have the right IT landscape it can cause serious problems. The best solution is a fully integrated IT landscape with an e-commerce platform and Product Information System. See the benefits of a fully integrated suite here.

A fully integrated suite

Online sales have changed a lot over the last few years. Customers expect a seamless experience on every channel. Because of this, brands need to respond and act faster with trusted and up-to-date product information to thrive and survive in the ever-growing social, mobile, and multichannel market places. But, it also demands seamless Product Information Management and distribution capabilities. Having your e-commerce integrated with a PIM will deliver you the following benefits: 

  • Integrated e-commerce
    By automating all order processing processes with your back office, your organization saves a lot of manual work. This allows you to process more orders faster at lower costs.
  • Multichannel & multistore
    In-store, mobile, or via the online shop. Or is your market shifting to your social channels? An integrated suite offers you the opportunity to do business via any channel.

Youwe suite

E-commerce software based on Magento and PIM based on Pimcore, Youwe developed an enterprise e-commerce suite, especially for the B2B market. This powerful platform supports multi-store capabilities, enabling a rapid cross-border rollout to other countries. This platform also has a very extensive set of standard functionalities. Think of up- & cross-selling, marketing tools, content management, version management, internationalization, multi-currency, and security has also been carefully considered.

In addition, this unique fully integrated suite offers more for B2B organizations, namely: B2B checkout, multiple debtor numbers, customer-specific item numbers, order approval process, and standard order lists. Sounds good right?

E-commerce and PIM in one integrated suite

The suite is a total solution for B2B e-commerce. The ERP system plays a central role in all processes of an organization. Magento responds to the challenges of its customers because the Magento 2 solution can be easily linked with existing packages of organizations: Mail system, Datacenter, ERP package, and PIM software.

The new Magento B2B Suite contains all the functionalities that can be expected in a Magento B2B environment, in one complete extension. From turning parts on or off to determine which functions are available to which customers, without complicated manuals or tedious installation procedures. Magento thus turns into the ideal platform for B2B e-commerce.

Magento and Pimcore

Magento has excellent capabilities to drive your digital commerce business. This platform has been quite popular amongst its users for being the most competing product in the market. Magento has also demonstrated innovation in its technology stack in recent years. With GraphQL and Progressive Web Apps, this platform has been quite pioneering in current times. However, many analysts consider Magento's native personalization and PIM functionality weaker than competitors. So, that's where Pimcore comes in. Pimcore is a leading Open Source Digital Platform that can solve any product data management and content management challenge, no matter the volume and variety.

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