Want to get to know your customers better? If you are not selling to the end-consumer directly you will not collect any customer data. To change this you need to enter the direct-to-consumer market. 

The classic B2B and B2C markets are not what they were before. The markets have shifted and hybrid business models such as B2B2C are rapidly growing and becoming the new standard. 

For manufacturers who would normally sell via resellers, it is important to also make their way in the direct-to-consumer market. Why? If you are not selling to your customers directly, you are not able to get to know your customers at all. Your resellers are the ones collecting the data. To develop your company and improve your products and services you need to be the one who is collecting the data. This is one of the biggest reasons why so many B2B companies are making the shift. Also, the possibilities of entering the B2C market are endless. An online shop is the starting point, but you can also sell your products via marketplaces, social selling, and lots of other channels.

Benefits of direct-to-consumer

  • Collect customer data

  • Let your company grow

  • Omnichannel

  • Create a better experience

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