Creating click & collect functionalities to help our clients out during COVID-19

All over the world people and businesses are affected by the COVID-19 virus. Some businesses are accelerating, others are struggling. And as in many countries, brick-and-mortar stores were forced to close their doors. On the second of February the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, also announced that all non-essential stores in the Netherlands will be closed for the time being. However, he did offer retailers a small relieve and allowed a “click and collect” policy from the 10th of February.

This means that from this day on stores are allowed to have their own pick-up point outside their own store and customers can pick up their orders instead of using a postal service, this is a great outcome, but this also means that you need to create a click & collect option on your online shop. Youwe helped two of their clients within a matter of days to set up the right click & collect platform. How we did that? See it here. 

Jac Hensen

One of the largest retailers in the field of men's clothing in the Netherlands, Jac Hensen, needed to close all of their brick-and-mortar stores, therefore they asked us to make it possible to click & collect orders in a short matter of time. 

A foresight from Jac Hensen meant that Youwe was already developing the option to make click & collect possible. During the ordering process, the customer is given the option to choose one of the twelve Jac Hensen stores in the Netherlands as a pickup point. It is also possible to make the payment during the pickup. With the help of our integration platform Alumio, adjustments were made very quickly so that the relevant store can prepare the order and make an appointment with the customer, so the customer can pick up their order. 


Obelink, a renowned company in the world of camping and outdoor with the widest range of outdoor products in Europe, also wanted to offer the click and collect option to its customers.

A first version of the click and collect functionality could be made available for Obelink within the existing possibilities of their Magento e-commerce platform. They only wanted this for the Netherlands as Obelink does not want to stimulate any border traffic despite its location near the German border. To ensure that the Obelink distribution center prepares the orders at the time of collection or the adjustment necessary in Alumio's order flows. In the short term, there are plans to make it possible for customers to choose a pick-up time themselves based on the opening hours of Obelink and the restrictions imposed on this. Until then, this will be resolved by telephone.

In less than 10 days, we have made it possible for customers to use the click and collect functionality for both Jac Hensen and Obelink. This is a good example of our flexibility so that we can help our customers in these challenging times.

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