Corona update: Youwe is fully operational

The coronavirus crisis demands drastic measures from all of us. Youwe firmly believes that each individual and each company has to contribute to the goal to reduce the spread of the pandemic as soon as possible. But of course, we understand the huge implications these measures have for our workforce and for our valued customers and business partners. We are in this together.

Safeguarding health and business continuity is our top priority

Safeguarding health and business continuity is our top priority. Following the recommendations of our governments, we have installed a home-office policy and are in close and continuous contact with all of our employees. Be reassured that our complete business is fully operational.

We have made the following arrangements to support our customers the best way we can:

  • Our hosting team is extended to support all running business operations. In addition, our cloud experts can support you to bring software to the cloud swiftly.
  • Youwe delivery managers will reach out to you to see how we can support you in the best way we can.
  • All physical meetings are being transformed into virtual meetings. We have the infrastructure in place to support this so all your homeworking colleagues involved can easily join the virtual meetings.
  • Your account managers are available for you to discuss any challenge or opportunity you might face.
  • Our DevOps engineers normally working from your locations are instructed to work from home and will align with you to discuss the best approach
  • Our staffing department is on the highest state of alert and can support you with any resources you might need. They are supported by our infrastructure teams who provide support for anyone working from other locations. You can reach out to Farishna Amier (06) 426 088 60 for any questions.

Please let us know how we can help you as we fully understand the challenging times we are all facing. Keep safe and healthy.

Stay ahead at home. Go Beyond.

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