A comprehensive Seasonal Peaks Survival Guide for 2021

Seasonalities, shopping feasts, and a global pandemic have one thing in common: They lead to a surge in online shopping. Performance, content, speed, and experience does not only need to be spotless, but it also needs to be consistent. More traffic means more potential buyers to convert, to satisfy- and to lose if things go wrong. What if you could be so well prepared that you can excel with a peak performance during peak season? Let us help you. 

In this guide you will find:

  • User Experience and Customer Journey: Excel during peak moments!

  • Checkout & Payments: 5 tips to increase your checkout conversion

  • Fulfillment: For a streamlined chain from promotion to delivery

  • Customer Care: Guide your buyers through the busy days

  • Get a grip on your seasonal patterns with AI Demand Forecasting

We are happy that industry experts from our valued partners Adyen, PostNL, Salesupply, and Symson have joined us to compile a guidebook with insights, tips, and valuable actions.  Enjoy reading and we wish you a successful journey along the seasonal peaks this year!

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