Creating an online shopping experience befitting of a digital leader

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Creating an online shopping experience befitting of a digital leader with a clear design and future-proof platform.

With over 470 shops in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Belgium and almost half a century of experience, Carpetright is the specialist in interior refurbishment. The new shop concept, launched in 2016, is a good example of the continuous improvement they strive for, both in the collection and in service. And to fully embrace their new concept, Carpetright also started its digital transformation and entered the e-commerce world with a new Magento platform.

It all started here in the Benelux in 1974, when Carpet-land was founded in Belgium, with an investment from the Danish Taeppenland. The Netherlands followed in 1983 with the first store in Amsterdam. Many store openings in Belgium and the Netherlands and an expansion into France, Germany, and Switzerland, and the UK followed soon. 
Although they have grown considerably over the years, Carpetright is still proud that they stick to the values with which it once started: selling quality products at competitive prices, with a high level of service to unburden customers. And they will also translate these values to the e-commerce world, as Carpetright is not only renewing their brick-and-mortar stores with the new shop concept they are also entering the world of e-commerce with a state-of-the-art Magento online shop and an online brand style that matches their values and new store concept. 
The new concept was long overdue to be taken online. The legacy shop did not meet the level of improvement and service of where Carpetright stood at the moment. The shop was also based on the old branding, so the new offline branding strategy needed to be translated to an online branding strategy as well.

Making the step from product push to a customer-centric strategy and transforming the company into a service retailer is a complex operation in which the new online experience is key. 

Our solution

Starting with a clear strategy

We started with strategy mapping and concept workshops to get a better understanding of the direction we needed to work towards. This was aligned with Dedato, the agency that is responsible for brick-and-mortar store branding to make sure that the overall look and feel of the branding was matching.

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A brand style to provide a better experience

Carpetright has always been a price fighter and they wanted to change that image into a brand that delivers quality in products, but also good service. So, the design had to match their core values. The branding of the brick-and-mortar stores was therefore already developed in 2016, but Youwe created the online branding. First of all, UX workshops were conducted with Carpetright, from which clear user flows were created that should fit in with Carpetright's new identity. Based on this, we entered a design process in which we worked closely with the customer to create the best possible designs for the Magento e-commerce platform. And that’s not all, the entire brand experiences of Carpetright needed to be updated and needed to fit their vision.

Magento Commerce

In a parallel track, we started taking over the existing e-commerce environment and adding a new Pimcore installation to replace the old and outdated PIM environment that was used. We included some first optimization by excluding as many plugins as possible. When the environment was stable enough, work was carried out on the implementation of the redesign, further technical optimization, and the addition of some valuable functionalities such as the sample request flow and store locator. And in the end, we built the store in such a way that consumers can order the products and get them home delivered. 


Besides that, it was a wish of Carpetright to offer a better online experience. The Magento online shop didn’t only need to offer products, but also service and inspiration. Carpetright has traditionally presented itself with a strong product focus. Making the step from product push to a customer-centric strategy and transforming the company into a service retailer is a complex operation in which the new online experience is key. To make this transformation successful the new Magento platform also needed to show Carpetright’s services such as measuring at home, installing floors and window decoration, free sample service, etc. Now the platform is more than just an online shop.

The results

The result is a 100% on-brand Magento shop that fits in with Carpetright's new positioning and vision. It also fits in with offline communication and in-store branding. The shop radiates quality and no longer has the low-cost image and remains recognizable as Carpetright. Now Carpetright has a shop that brings much more experience and service. There is a lot of inspiration on the site in the form of, for example, blogs that show the latest trends in flooring. Besides that, the platform offers insights on the services of Carpetright, so the visitors have a better understanding of what they need to know before purchasing new floors or window decoration for example. That’s not all, as the Magento and Pimcore integration makes sure that Carpetright has a stable platform that is future-proof and ready to be optimized even further. The new e-commerce shop of Carpetright has already resulted in several successes, such as:

  • Increase in shop visits
  • Increase in e-commerce revenue
  • Increase of the lifetime value
  • Increase in NPS