The benefits of upgrading to a modern B2B e-commerce platform

Most companies in both B2C and B2B have a commerce platform nowadays. If not, then you need to start thinking about having one. Having a commerce platform in this day and age is not only nice to have it is necessary. It is the best way to sell your products, connect with your clients and attract new clients.

Having a commerce platform will give your company a lot of advantages. One of those benefits is that it will boost your profit in both B2B as B2C. The only problem is that you only truly benefit from the advantages of a commerce platform when it is a modern commerce platform. You have to make sure you always update your software and make sure it is not an end-of-life version for example. Because then you are not only using an old platform, but it will also not be a secure platform. One of the top leaders in e-commerce platform software is Magento. If you are for example are using a Magento 2 platform which one of the top modern commerce platforms out there, then you will benefit from the following advantages:

More traffic 

Site traffic is the starting point in the sales funnel for most e-commerce platforms and is often mentioned as one of the most important KPIs. Respondents of a Magento/Stax’s study reported seeing an average increase in site traffic of 24.8% after migrating to the modern Magento 2 platform. The reasons for these improvements are advanced SEO, mobile-friendliness and easily accessible analytics. 

Higher conversion rates 

A fully integrated, modern e-commerce platform can result in a considerable increase in conversion rates. B2B respondents noted that customers that were formerly placing larger orders via the phone now felt comfortable using the search functionality and order interface on the website. Above that, tools such as wishlists, recurring orders, and a personalized space were customers can repeat their orders and check their balance help the overall shopping experience and customer convenience. Also, the improved mobile experience of an upgraded platform will lead to more mobile conversions. 

Increase in order value 

A modern B2B e-commerce platform results in a higher average order value (AOV). This is due to personalized buyer journeys and advanced B2B buyer tools. Besides, the real-time visibility of the inventory, flexible fulfillment options and price transparency lead to this increase. Extras such as preferred payment options as well as a mobile-friendly interface work well to drive up the order value.

Want to experience the benefits of a modern commerce platform yourself? Then you first need to think about your digital transformation. In this whitepaper, you learn how to make a business case for your digital transformation and you also read more about the benefits of a modern commerce platform and the costs of having a modern platform and more importantly which costs you will save.

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