From B2B to D2C

Learn how to turn D2C into a practical and effective long-term e-commerce strategy for your business. Read our whitepaper to yield more predictable and profitable revenue streams, nurture customer relationships, build a global brand, and create better products overall. 

This is what you can expect in our whitepaper:

  • Learn how D2C can generate more revenue for your business
  • How you can get better insights of your end users
  • How you can speed up time to market of your products
  • How you can validate markets for new product developments

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In 2022, 64 percent of digital consumers worldwide were buying directly from a brand on a regular basis. This equates to 1.7 billion people, and an increase of 15 percentage points when compared to 2019. Global brands across the board, from Armani and Adidas to Nescafe, have gotten into the game and are showing how successful this model can be. However, it’s easy for these global giants to dominate their supply chains. Intermediaries may find it tricky to intervene or create barriers. For smaller brands, it’s a different story. They need to consider the friction that D2C can create within a retail network. 

D2C is a practical and effective long-term strategy for many reasons. It yields more predictable and profitable revenue streams, nurtures customer relationships, helps build a global brand, and creates better products overall. This eBook can help you figure out if the D2C model is right for your business and, if so, you will learn how to get started. Fill in the form to download. 

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