Amac optimizes with an omnichannel experience



Strategy, implementation


With Magento, Amac was able to create a seamless omnichannel experience for their customers - online and offline!

Amac now has 46 stores throughout the Netherlands and is the fastest-growing Apple Premium Reseller in the country. Also, the online channel is very important. Although the majority of sales still take place via one of the physical points of sale, the interaction between online and offline is large. "The webshop attracts many visitors and is, therefore, a very decisive connecting factor," 

To serve their customers optimally, Amac initiated the transformation in 2012 from a pure offline player to an omnichannel company. But before the first steps towards an omnichannel approach could be made, the online store had to be thoroughly overhauled. The functionalities of the online store at that time were outdated and the design no longer matched the image that Amac, as a Premium Reseller, strived for.

Amac needed an overhaul in design and functionality to achieve an optimal omnichnanel integration

Our solution

Set up to integrate

Several things were essential for selecting new online store software. Amac already worked with SAP's ERP system and was looking for a platform that could be linked to it. Mainly because of the ability to manage multiple store views, choosing Magento was the right next step.

The results

Multiple portals

Since the introduction of the new site, Amac has been working with various portals. In addition to the regular consumer site, there is a separate portal for companies and one aimed at education. Through a special login, students and employees of educational institutions have access to a webshop with a customized range at a reduced rate. Parents of children who are using their iPad for education can also purchase the equipment via Amac at a reduced rate.

Stock up to date

Another important starting point was providing insight into the stock. "New products are often scarce. If you have them in stock, it is already a USP. And if you can also indicate how many items you have and in what location, then you make it easy for the consumer." This is now available on the product page, whether items are available online or in-store, and how many are available.

With the help of an E-store Locator, a connection has been made between the webshop and all physical stores. All the potential customer has to do is enter his zip code. The system then shows which stores have the desired product. If the item is unavailable online, Amac can choose to take the item from one of the stores and send it to the customer from there. About 30 percent of online customers choose to pick up the order in the store.


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